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QB Anthony Richardson Responds to Concerns Over His Health Due to His Dual-Threat Nature

Anushree Gupta

QB Anthony Richardson Responds to Concerns Over His Health Due to His Dual-Threat Nature

The Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback, Anthony Richardson, started his debut season with high hopes. However, a Grade 3 AC joint sprain ended it on a somber note. Seven months down the recovery lane, Richardson is back on the practice field; however, his playing style keeps coming up, as many believe it was the primary reason he got himself injured.

At the end of a four-yard scramble, Anthony Richardson sustained a shoulder injury on his throwing arm after landing on it. When asked about whether his dual-threat nature of play contributed to this injury, the star quarterback dismissed the concerns while also asserting that the nature of his injury was unavoidable.

“I don’t think there’s any way I could have avoided what happened to me,” Richardson said during Wednesday’s team activities, as per “Just a regular, routine tackle. I tried to brace myself for the fall and just my shoulder did what it did. There’s nothing I could do about that.”

He further elaborated that he could feel many misconceptions persisting around his playing style, adding,

“People see me, I’m a big quarterback, so they always think, ‘Oh, he wants to run the ball all the time, he wants to be physical and that’s what’s gonna get him hurt.’ But that’s not the case,” Richardson explained.

He acknowledged the risks intrinsically found in a physically demanding game like football but emphasized that his injuries were not due to recklessness. Anthony Richardson is determined to maintain his style of play with some smart work on the field after his recovery.

Anthony Richardson Knows What to Do in 2024

The Colts are relying on Richardson to stay healthy and lead the team in the competitive AFC South. How Richardson and the Colts’ offense adapt to this challenge is turning out to be a key storyline to watch this summer. Nevertheless, when asked about changing his playing style to avoid any injuries, Richardson was clear in his stance.

“I don’t think I’m gonna change it, but being smart, knowing when to get extra yards, and knowing when to get down, I feel like I know how to do that. It’s just I have to do it and do it at the right time,” he stated.

It’s worth mentioning that Lamar Jackson, the Ravens’ dual-threat quarterback, is making headlines for similar reasons. He has slimmed down to 205 pounds in an attempt to increase his agility and speed on the field. While this weight loss could lead to an even faster version of the quarterback, it also raises concerns about potential injuries.

Both Anthony Richardson and Lamar Jackson highlight the evolving roles and strategies of dual-threat quarterbacks in the NFL. Richardson’s smarter play and Jackson’s focus on increased speed can refine their games while intriguing the fans more than usual in the upcoming season.

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