Rams LB Bobby Wagner, Who Tackled a Smoke Stick Wielding Protestor During Rams vs 49ers Clash, Might Get Sued For Taking ‘Evasive Action’

Shubham Bhargav
|Published 04/10/2022

Bobby Wagner tackled a protestor who created a ruckus during Rams vs 49ers clash. While many are calling Wagner a hero for his actions, some are concerned that the protestor might end up suing him.

The Los Angeles Rams didn’t have the best of days on the field during their latest clash against the San Francisco 49ers. After trailing by 8 points till halftime, the last year’s Super Bowl champs tried scripting a comeback in the third quarter.

They were able to prevent the 49ers from gaining any points in the second last quarter and reduced the lead to 5 points. However, they were absolutely annihilated in the final quarter by the team from San Francisco.

The contest ended 24-9 in favor of the 49ers. Although the LA fans didn’t have much to celebrate throughout the clash, there was a moment during the second quarter which proved to be the only saving grace for the defending champions.

As it turns out, during the game, a protestor ran across the field while holding a device which emitted pink smoke. Before the authorities could catch him, Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner had a chance to pin him down and he didn’t allow the opportunity to go in vain.

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Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner tackles the protestor who carried a smoke emitting device on the field

Wagner smashed the protestor on the ground and played a big role in stopping him from creating any more ruckus on the field. “I just saw someone running on the field,” Wagner said after tackling the protestor as per Associated Press. “It looked like he wasn’t supposed to be on the field so I saw security was having a problem so I helped them out.”

Moreover, opposition team’s heads coach Kyle Shanahan was also impressed by Wagner tackle. “I saw Bobby Wagner taking somebody out, I thought that was kind of cool to see,” he stated.

However, after all this had transpired, some people started suggesting on Twitter that Wagner might face trouble for tackling the protestor. Seeing this, Pat McAfee came out with a Tweet declaring Wagner a real hero.

A lot of folks saying that the protestor.. who illegally hopped on the field with a smoking stick.. is gonna sue Bobby Wagner??” Pat wrote. “How does anybody know what else that person has?”

McAfee went on to claim the protestor could have been carrying something dangerous in his other arm and declared Bobby a hero who stopped a maniac.

Only time will tell if Bobby will face any legal consequences for his actions but for now, the idea of the protestor suing him does seem a bit stupid as the linebacker didn’t do anything which can be termed wrong.

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