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Travis Kelce’s Rumored Girlfriend Taylor Swift Finds MetLife Stadium Extremely ‘Quiet’, a Week After Visit to Arrowhead

Yashika Garg

With Travis Kelce Set to Take the Field in Germany, Taylor Swift Steps Out With Selena Gomez for a Night Out in New York

Taylor Swift made her starring appearance at the MetLife Stadium to root for the Chiefs and of course, her rumored boyfriend Travis Kelce. But this time, she was not alone; she pulled up to the Jets home stadium with her fellow celebrity friends, including Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Blake Lively.

Swift has been at the stadium before, but not for Kelce. She performed 3 shows at the New Jersey stadium as part of her Eras Tour earlier this year. She entered the stadium half an hour before opening and was spotted seemingly saying how quiet it was inside the stadium.

Taylor Swift Experiences a Different MetLife

On Sunday evening, Taylor Swift made headlines by attending a Kansas City Chiefs game to cheer her rumored beau, Travis Kelce. Interestingly, Swift seemed to bring good fortune to the Chiefs, as they won 23-20 against the New York Jets. Notably, this time around, Swift was accompanied by several Hollywood A-listers, including Hugh Jackman, Shawn Levy, Melanie Nyem, Olivia DeJonge, and Swift’s close friend Sabrina Carpenter.

However, prior to the game, the Grammy award-winning singer was somehow seen wowed by the “quietness of the stadium” as she waited along with her celeb friends to watch the Chiefs’ second game in the season. In the video captured by Senior NFL Reporter Jori Epstein, posted on X, Taylor was ‘supposedly’ looking back at the charged environment of the stadium, the paparazzi, and media before the concert, in contrast to the Chiefs’ game day as she waited for ‘the contest to begin.’

“It’s so quiet,” she was seen animatedly speaking to Sabrina and others as they stood together waiting. It was contrasting to the environment she experienced just last week when she attended the Chiefs vs. Bears game at Arrowhead with Kelce’s mom, Donna, and Chiefs’ QB1 Patrick Mahomes’s entrepreneur wife, Brittany Mahomes. As expected, fans couldn’t help but react to this.

“This Can’t be True”: Fans’ Disbelief on the Quiet Before the Big Chiefs Game

Now, with Taylor Swift’s second attendance in a row, things couldn’t be clearer that there is something brewing between her and Travis Kelce. It seems like even the pop star’s circle of “close friends in attendance” is increasing with every match. Not only that, the Grammy singer’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce‘s mom, Donna, is also seemingly booming as she was seen with her arms around momma Kelce’s neck during the match against the Jets.

Everything seemed great, but the only thing that was unbelievable to the fans was ‘the quiet’ from the generally buzzing stadium. A fan wrote, “Sports journalists are the loudest people I know; this can’t be right…” while another agreed with this sentiment, saying, “This is very different than what she’s used to hearing in terms of paparazzi.”

However, some fans couldn’t help but clarify the comparison for all new ‘Swifties’ in the NFL, saying, “Come on, as an NFL reporter, you should have been able to tell she was comparing MetLife noise levels with Arrowhead Stadium noise levels from last week. Arrowhead is the noisiest place in the NFL.” Overall, it would be fair to say that Swift’s appearances have really added new viewers to the NFL landscape which is great to see.

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