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“The Attention Gets Shifted to Us”: Tom Brady’s Parental Confession to John Legend Shows the Ugly Side of Growing Up as Celebrity Children

Ayush Juneja

“The Attention Gets Shifted to Us”: Tom Brady’s Parental Confession to John Legend Shows the Ugly Side of Growing Up as Celebrity Children

Tom Brady and John Legend recently opened up about the challenges they face while bringing up their children as celebs. During the recent episode of the Let’s Go podcast, the former NFL star and the twelve-time Grammy winner pointed out that it was very unfair to take away their children’s spotlight. Brady feels that it must be difficult for them to just enjoy their achievements and special moments without the stardom of their father hanging over their heads.

Brady made it clear that he prefers not to get disturbed when he’s out with the kids. He said, “When I’m out with my kids, I really want to be with them, you know? And I really make it clear to people, sorry, I’m just out here enjoying my time with my family, you know?

The proud dad often goes to attend his kids’ sports activities and beats himself up, feeling that he would steal the spotlight from them. But he acknowledges that everything comes with a price and has been very explicit with his kids about this. He has explained to his kids the privilege they have, why they get to go on lots of vacations, and why they have people to help. He said,

And whether I’m at a game for my son, and I love doing that, but, you know, a lot of times the attention gets shifted to us,” he said. “I don’t want to take away from their moments, ’cause this is [an] important part of their life and their maturation,as per US Magazine.

John Legend chimed in and added that his kids were already used to the fact that they now see their father on billboards. They are also aware that their father and their mother, Chrissy Teigen, are very famous.

“My kids seem to take [my fame] well. They take it in stride. They’re used to it now. They see billboards with my face on it for The Voice or my Vegas residency or whatever and they’re just kind of used to it,” Legend said.

Fatherhood definitely has its challenges, and both Brady and Legend have tried to overcome them in their own unique ways.

Tom Brady is Enjoying His Retirement by Leaning Into His Father’s Role

TB12 hung up his cleats after 23 years as the GOAT of the game. The seven-time Super Bowl champ has mastered the role of QB and is now trying to do the same with fatherhood. From outings to thoughtful posts and going through hardships, the role of a father has been the new color of Tom Brady.

Brady is the father of three beautiful children from two relationships. His eldest son, Jack, was conceived 15 years ago with Blue Bloods actress Bridget Moynahan. His other two children — son Benjamin and daughter Vivian — came from his marriage with Brazilian Supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Brady says he enjoys taking vacations and learning new things because of his kids. He cherishes every moment with his kids and says being a parent is the most important thing to him. From fishing and swimming in the ocean to going on wildlife tours in Africa to shooting hoops with Jack, Tom has been enjoying life with his kids.

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Brady stated that he has learned a lot about how to be a father from both his father and his kids and hopes to pass on what he has learned to his kids.

“Being with my kids and my family and travelling and doing some different things and experiencing that, and then staying busy with things work-wise, professionally, are things that I certainly enjoy,” Brady said.Being a dad is the best thing in my life. They have taught me how to be present (still working on this daily) and cherish every moment (mostly) that we have as a family because that’s what matters most,” according to US Magazine.

We might not know what’s in store for the football GOAT, but we are sure that he will excel in everything that comes forward. The new bachelor is making the most of his retirement. But a new chapter in his life awaits him as the former Patriot could be entering the role of color commentator with Fox Sports. He signed a $375 million deal with broadcasting giants back in 2022 but decided to sit out the 2023 season as per Sporting News.

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