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Tom Brady Candidly Reveals His Love for Josh Allen, While Acknowledging Patrick Mahomes’ Greatness

Suresh Menon

"Can't Fault Me for That": Josh Allen Narrates How Bills Mafia Absolutely Hated Him for Being a Die-Hard Tom Brady Fanboy

Josh Allen seems to be a victim of randomized mishaps. Sometimes it’s his own inconsistency, sometimes his team is just not good enough, and sometimes, he is simply unlucky. But no one can deny that he is a quality QB, who is due his Super Bowl win. Tom Brady, the GOAT also holds the same opinion about Allen.

While chatting with popular hair stylist turned content creator Vic Blends on his “DeepCut” podcast, TB12 was asked to name a QB who hasn’t won the Super Bowl but deserves to. The GOAT without much hesitation named Josh Allen and revealed that he appreciates his talent and skills a lot.

However, acknowledging the greatness of Patrick Mahomes, Brady hypothesized that with the Chiefs star continuing his rich vein of form, Josh Allen and the Bills most likely will continue to crash out in the playoffs. He said,

“I like Josh Allen a lot. I’d pick Josh. I like Josh a lot as a guy, and as a leader. But you know he’s got to get past the Chiefs and that’s hard because Patrick is incredible the way he leads that team.”


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A deeper look into TB12’s words and you realise that his take is backed by stats as well. Josh Allen & team have been knocked out of the playoffs thrice by Patrick Mahomes & Co. While Josh has a 3-1 record in the regular season against Mahomes, the Bills QB like Lamar Jackson simply fails to turn up when it matters the most.

Nonetheless, Brady’s love for Allen is not just words as he had also invited the Bills QB on his podcast recently and gave him pearls of wisdom.

Tom Brady Wants To See Josh Allen Protect His Body More

Nearly 6 months ago, Josh Allen appeared on an episode of Brady’s “Let’s Go!” podcast much to the delight of fans. One of the key highlights of the podcast was when Brady asked Allen to tweak his running-based playmaking to a smarter style to protect himself. Brady advised Allen to not run more and to focus on gaining yards as he is putting a target on his back when he runs. He advised Allen,

“Not that he shouldn’t run, but when he does run, f—ing slide and make sure no one hits you because I don’t ever want to see him get hurt and I want to see him out there playing out there because he’s such a f—ing stud,”

Allen acknowledged Brady’s advice and revealed that he suffers from allowing himself to not indulge in those runs due to his passion. Allen revealed that due to his prioritizing winning over anything, he at times fails to care about his body. His desire to win makes him put his body on the line. But he did agree that this is a risk that is slightly higher than the reward.

“That’s where the flip for me is so hard to turn off because I just care so much about winning football games and sometimes it does cause the risk to be a little bit higher than maybe even the reward,”

The Bills QB has always cared more about getting his team the win, than protecting himself, something that aligns perfectly with Brady’s own team-centric attitude. Additionally, Allen is one of the few capable stars to stop the juggernaut of the Chiefs and Mahomes. Allen must stay fit enough to prevent Mahomes from a fourth and put Brady’s record of 7 wins in danger.

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