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Tom Brady Lost It on One More Joke Except Robert Kraft’s Massage Jibe, Says Bill Simmons

Ayush Juneja

Tom Brady Lost It on One More Joke Except Robert Kraft’s Massage Jibe, Says Bill Simmons

The Tom Brady Roast on Netflix was a hit, featuring his former teammates and ruthless comedians, who took a shot at his love life, his divorce, his diet guru, and his plastic surgery. Nothing seemed off-limits until Jeff Ross took a dig at Robert Kraft by bringing up old massage parlor allegations. Brady appeared to have lost his cool, sparking all sorts of speculations. But was this the only moment that rattled him?

Bill Simmons of The Ringer recently dove deep into the Roast on YouTube, where he also brought up jokes that made Tom Brady uncomfortable. Aside from the dig at Kraft, a joke about Bridget Moynahan, Brady’s ex and mother of his son Jack, apparently had Brady ‘dying’.

“I though the two things that made him super uncomfortable were when Jeff made the Bob Kraft massage joke,” Simmons said. “And then couple times people played the Bridget Moynahan card and that was the one that — he was just dying — just absolutely dying.”

Notably, Nikki Glaser made the joke about Brady leaving Moynahan mid-pregnancy. She had said, “Seriously Tom, you’re the best to ever play for too long. You retired, then came back, and then retired again, I get it, it’s hard to walk away from something that’s not your pregnant girlfriend.” She topped the joke, adding that Tom likely didn’t know she was pregnant. He just thought, “She was getting fat.”

Glaser wasn’t the only one who broached this particular embarrassing incident from the 7-time Super Bowl winner’s life. Will Ferrel, who came in as anchorman Ron Burgundy, too had fun with the topic. He quipped, “The last time this guy went truly deep, he ended up paying child support to Bridget Moynahan.”

Nonetheless, there was a consensus among fans and many attendees that Glaser was the winner of the roast, as her performance captivated the majority and left them with a night to remember.

Nick Glazer at Tom Brady Roast Was a Huge Hit

It was a star-studded event for sure, but actor and comedian Nikki Glaser ate and left no crumbs, as youngsters say. She took a jab at everyone, and no topic was off-limits for her.

When it was time for Nikki to take the stage, she started by making short jokes about Kevin Hart, a recurring theme of the entire night. She then moved on to make dumb jokes about Gronk, and how he acts like an oddball. She even inferred that he has CTE and is a specially-abled person.

Subsequently, with feisty banter, she got into the darker corners of Brady’s past, even daring to touch on the sensitive topic of Aaron Hernandez’s tragic end before swiftly shifting focus to the main man himself. Without any sympathy, she quipped about Gisele’s rumored departure for a jiu-jitsu instructor, jokingly suggesting that he has outmatched Tom.

“Your ex-wife’s new boyfriend can beat your a** while eating hers,” she remarked.

The high point of her roast came when she delved into Brady’s infamous loss of $30 million in a cryptocurrency scam by Sam Bankman-Fried, firmly declaring the 3-time MVP dumber than Gronk for falling for fake money. Throughout her performance, she oozed energy and her timing was impeccable, leaving the audience in stitches with every punchline.

Fans and many who attended were delighted by her performances and believed that she was the only one who got a full standing ovation. The Roast was a roaring success, and Netflix cashed in yet again on one of their best ideas.

While most of the fans know all the things about Brady in the roast, it is refreshing to always get a reminder that our favorite QB is not all that perfect. The fans got to see the sides of some of the best Patriots, and hopefully, Netflix will come up with another one soon.

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