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“We Do The Same Sh*t That $15M T And WR Do, And They Pay Us $7M”: Greg Olsen Furiously Demands More Respect For The TE Position

Ashish Priyadarshi

Greg Olsen

Greg Olsen was heated in a recent take about the disrespect that tight ends face. They do a lot of stuff other position players do, but make much less money.

On the podcast, ‘Pardon My Take’, Olsen sounded off about this very issue. He wants people to recognize the fact that tight ends are playing essentially both the roles of a tackle and a wide receiver.

The former Pro Bowl tight end was part of George Kittle’s Tight End University where he was younger players develop their technique and build skills to help them succeed. Part of the camp’s agenda was also to garner respect for tight ends.

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Greg Olsen Helps Out With George Kittle At Tight End University

The former Panthers tight end retired this year, but he still hasn’t drifted away from football. In fact, he’s as involved as ever.

Olsen showed up to George Kittle’s Tight End University, and he wasout there with all the other guys too. Olsen was one of the best tight ends in the league during his time, and he now wants to pass on his knowledge to the next generation.

Speed and agility coach Jeremy Holt also talked about Olsen and Kittle’s contributions to the camp:

“Greg [Olsen] talked about how to create separation at the top of the route. So on the next drill, when you get to the cone, I want you to sink your hips, get inside your framework. Put that foot in the ground and create separation.”

“George [Kittle] did a whole segment on how to get yards after the catch. So when we got on the field, I wanted to focus on catching it, putting your foot in the ground, and getting upfield as soon as possible. All of the stuff that we talked about in the classroom, I just give them a drill to bring it to life.”

For him, Kittle, and all the other tight ends in the league, this university was so much more than just a camp. It was something they truly felt could help tight ends in terms of developing an appreciation for what the position has to offer. George Kittle would say,

“There’s a holiday [National Tight Ends Day on the last Sunday of October], so why don’t we have a tight end summit? Why not have a little time where we can come together and learn from the best in the country. There are QB camps and other positions that steal the attention. But the tight end role has become a prominent role throughout the league, too.”

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