“What about his wife?” : Fan reactions to Tom Brady inviting a star studded lineup to his podcast is all over the spectrum

Arjun Sukumaran
|Published February 08, 2023

Former NFL player Tom Brady. It seems odd saying that, much less writing it. Much of the NFL community is still trying to get to terms with his retirement. However, he seems to be going full steam ahead with his retirement plans. Which all started with the first-ever post-retirement episode of his podcast ‘Let’s Go’. Featuring his father, Bill Belichick, Rob Gronkowski, Peyton Manning, and Patrick Mahomes.

The episode gave fans a chance to hear Bill Belichick and Tom Brady reminisce about the good old days. Although the greatest coach-QB pair did end their time at New England on a cold note, all that seems to be in the past. Belichick had nothing but praise for Brady and was happy about the good times they had winning championships for the Patriots.

“The greatest player, the greatest career, a great, great person,” Belichick said about Brady. “It was such an opportunity and an honor for me to coach Tom. I guess it’s gotta end at some point. But it’s the greatest one ever. So, congratulations, Tom.”

Belichick’s words managed to crack up the usually composed Brady. An emotional Brady replied by saying, “It’s more what did he not do to bring out the best in me. Coach Belichick and I developed an amazing relationship really from the moment I was drafted. We spent a lot of time together. He started to begin to teach me what football was all about, how to study defenses when I started to play, certainly.”

“I couldn’t imagine a better teacher to say, ‘Hey, here’s how you’re going to play quarterback in the NFL,'” he added.

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NFL fans have interesting reactions to Tom Brady inviting legends to his podcast

A lot of fans are taking in this meeting between some of the best players in the NFL and a very successful head coach in the right stride. For them, this is Tom Brady’s chance to connect with them in front of his fans. Not that he and Gronk need any connecting. However, as always, there are few who are not really appreciative of Brady’s contribution to the game, instead taking to mock him by any means possible.

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There are some who believe Brady bringing Mahomes on to the show is a subtle hint at who Brady thinks is the next goat. Maybe, this is his way of passing the torch? Others, though, are more concerned about the Super Bowl. Apparently, Brady brought on Joe Burrow last year, just before the Bengals lost to the Rams. Is history going to repeat itself? Has Brady unknowingly (or knowingly) jinxed Mahomes?

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