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What is the NFL Free Agency & when does it start? A sneak peak into an exciting off-season battle

Arjun Sukumaran

With the Super Bowl LVII only a week away, comes the realization that this season is almost over too. While that may be a sad prospect, NFL offseasons are never a dull affair. Especially this season, when the free agency list will be swelled with some of the best players in the league right now. So, what is free agency, and when does it start?

Free agency is a phase in an NFL player’s career, wherein they are no longer bound by a contract to a team. It means players can pursue any contract with a team of their choice. There are mainly two types of free agencies: restricted, and unrestricted. In a restricted free agency, the player can only negotiate with other teams till a deadline. Also, the original team can match any new offer, and retain the player as well.

With that being said and done, when does this year’s free agency start? According to the NFL, free agency starts at the beginning of the league year, i.e. the 16th of March. However, players are allowed to start negotiations with clubs as soon as March 14.

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Which players are entering free agency this summer?

Not every to-be free agent has to make it to free agency. Though the anticipation of seeing clubs fight for these players is exciting. While the legendary Tom Brady’s retirement has robbed fans of an exciting tug-of-war, such a clash is still possible. With players such as Daron Payne, Roquan Smith, Kareem Hunt, Daniel Jones, and Saquon Barkley still in the mix, anything is possible. Oh, and possibly, Aaron Rodgers too.

Although, Rodgers’ presence in the free agency market seems less and less likely as time passes. The knowledge that he might want to leave the Green Bay Packers has already resulted in teams vying for his hand. Of late, numerous rumors have pointed to Rodgers signing with the Las Vegas Raiders. A move that puts him back on the same roster as former teammate Davante Adams.

It is impossible to predict if Rodgers will ever become a free agent. However, the rest of the list is star-studded enough to put up a show for fans. Will we see teams duke it out to the wire for some of these players? Which player will be the most sought-after by teams?

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Arjun Sukumaran

Arjun Sukumaran


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