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Eli Manning Gets a “Gatorade Bath” After Leading NFC to Victory Over Peyton Manning’s AFC at the Pro Bowl Games

Arjun Sukumaran

Peyton Manning, Eli Manning

Eli Manning has done it! He has won the Pro Bowl in what is his first time ever coaching a team. Not just that, with the win, comes bragging rights against his brother Peyton Manning, who was coaching the losing team. All these wins certainly did notch Eli up a peg, which players from the NFC team christened with a classic move on an unexpecting Eli.

Soaking in the moment, Eli Manning was among players and media personnel on the field, when Christian McCaffrey and another player drenched Eli with a barrel full of Gatorade. The bath left him literally soaking in the moment, with other players near him managing to avoid the splashing surprise.

Eli took the drenching in style, though. Probably because he was too happy trying to imagine the different opportunities he’ll get to use this as a bragging right against his brother Peyton. The brothers are constantly in search of new means to outshine each other. This year’s Pro Bowl was supposed to mark one of them as the better coach, and Eli certainly came out on top.

He even took to Twitter to cement his position as the better Manning coach. He says, “Alright, it’s official. You can’t doubt it. I’m the greatest coach of the Mannings. I’m so much better at coaching than Peyton it’s unbelievable”. There is no way Peyton is going to let this slip. Safe to say, fans can expect some sort of a comeback from Peyton. Something that will get him back on level pegging with his brother.

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Eli Manning outshines Peyton after a close win at the Pro Bowl games

The rivalry between these two brothers has been one to watch. For as long as fans can remember, these two have been duking it out everywhere to one-up their brother. Both brothers have won 2 Super Bowls each, which is the main cause of this rivalry being so heated in retirement.

When it comes to ways to outscore, even the most trivial things matter. Recently, Peyton was invited by Tom Brady to talk on Brady’s ‘Let’s Go!’ podcast. Peyton only took it as a win, because Eli has never been invited by Brady anywhere. Although, Eli looked one with the better cards on that day. After Peyton opined that Brady’s hatred for Eli comes from the 2 Super Bowl defeats Brady has had at Eli’s hands.

The brothers are also commentators for ESPN, appearing on Monday Night Football games. The show, popularly known as Manningcast, is a fun-filled approach to watching games. A sort of Pat McAfee style of fun, without the swearing.  What makes the show more interesting is how they both bring their rivalry into it too. Each episode is an opportunity, and they certainly try to strike the iron whether it’s hot or not.

What comes next in this storied rivalry that will be told for generations to come? What new means will these two conjure to entertain fans in their quest to prove who is the superior Manning? Or, will nephew Arch Manning come along, win 3 Super Bowls and settle the debate then and there?

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