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“I’m So Much Better Than Peyton” : Eli Manning Bags Bragging Rights Over Brother Peyton Manning After Winning Pro Bowl Games

Arjun Sukumaran

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This year’s Pro Bowl games were exciting. The shift from the traditional game to a week full of skill competitions, really made things a lot more fun to watch. However, this year’s games are important for another reason: deciding which Manning brother is the better coach. With the NFC edging out the AFC 35-33, it seems Eli Manning may just have taken the mantle away from his brother for a while.

Both teams were neck and neck all throughout the games, with one team only momentarily going ahead of the other. What’s more, the different events gave fans an opportunity to see their players having fun, while staying ever so competitive. Their already competitive nature was probably fanned on by Eli and Peyton, who had their own rivalry to settle with these games.

After the NFC won the Pro Bowl, Eli posted a video on Twitter through the NFL’s account. He says, “Alright, it’s official. You can’t doubt it. I’m the greatest coach of the Mannings. I’m so much better at coaching than Peyton it’s unbelievable. The NFC won, the guys bought in; they played awesome. There’s too many good players to name an MVP. The whole NFC gets MVP this year.”

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Eli Manning gets one up on his brother Peyton with Pro Bowl win

Eli and Peyton have been duking it out against each other since fans can remember. Both of them try to find new and innovative ways to outshine their brother, no matter how trivial that means may be. For instance, Peyton took it as a massive win, when he was invited to Tom Brady’s podcast ‘Let’s Go!’, and Eli wasn’t. However, it seems the bragging rights might stay with Eli for a while.

The Brothers have won 2 Super Bowls each. Though Peyton Manning has already made it to the prestigious Hall of Fame, Eli isn’t far behind. Many rightfully predict he will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer, although he will only be eligible from 2025 onwards. So Peyton doesn’t have very long left on that card.

The Manning brothers also share the screen during Monday Night Football. Widely known as Manningcast, the show is produced by Peyton’s production company, Omaha Productions, and airs on ESPN2 and ESPN+. The stage has given both of them ample opportunities to pull each other’s legs. Apart from the usual dosage of humor and fun, of course.

Whether the sibling duo will return for next year’s Pro Bowl games is a mystery. However, do not account for them ever being on the same side in any competitive venture. Any chance at a win over their brother is an opportunity neither will let pass. What new spectacle will they conjure up next to try and one-up the other?

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