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“As Calm as Possible”: Six-Time World Champion Noah Lyles Offers Advice for Running on a Tough Track

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“As Calm as Possible”: Six-Time World Champion Noah Lyles Offers Advice for Running on a Tough Track

Noah Lyles is having a successful Olympic season, dominating every single outdoor race. However, despite his demanding track schedule, the star has made time for his devoted supporters, who eagerly await his posts on numerous of his social media platforms. This time, the Olympic sprinter hosted a Q&A session on his YouTube channel, and a specific question about weather conditions piqued his interest.

A wet day can change the game for track athletes, as it does for many other sports. However, the problem is not limited to rainy weather as exhaustion can also occur on excessively hot days, particularly during the summer. The question was based on such harsh conditions, as the fan asked,

“How do you adjust your warmups to different weather conditions? How do you get to know if you’re warmed up enough? How you do activate your upper body before a sprint?”

In his reply, the six-time world champion brought up a hypothetical circumstance, asking his audience to imagine a wet track on a rainy day. To deal with this condition, he suggested staying as dry as possible and maintaining a stable grasp on the ground while running.

Any loss of grip can cause the athlete to crash on the track, and aside from DNFs, they may get injuries, which they will want to avoid. Lyles also discussed the warm-up in such situations, stating:

“Trust me, everybody has to compete in the same weather as everybody else, so even if you don’t have the best warm-up, that means that probably everybody else didn’t get the best warm-up as well. Your goal is just to try and stay as normal and as calm as possible in a bad situation.”

Warm-ups are always important before participating in any type of track meet. However, Lyles believes that mental preparation is equally as important as physical exercise. In fact, the six-time world champion advises against letting an opponent into your head before any type of race, regardless of the situation. Dramatic weather will affect everyone on the grid, so he advises against overthinking and instead focusing on the primary goal.

Lyles has always offered assistance to his devoted supporters. Likewise, he recently discovered the negativity spreading around the track community and responded with a strong message.

Noah Lyles’ opinion on the world record conversation

Noah Lyles promised track fans that he would attempt to break the 200-meter world record, and everyone has been waiting for him to live up to his promise. At the same time, Fred Kerley has also made a bold claim, stating that he wants to chase the 100-meter world record and is motivated to break it in his next race at the Oslo Diamond League.

However, Kerley faced significant criticism and online trolling when Citius Mag posted about this on their X platform. To this, Lyles responded asserting that no athlete should face mistreatment due to their aspirations. Everyone has various goals, so selecting one early in the season and being open about it is not problematic.

According to the six-time world champion, the track community should not disrespect any athlete since they are simply trying to bring glory to their own countries.

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