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“Force Me to Be the Last One to Start”: Noah Lyles Recalls a Fond Memory With Teacher From Elementary School

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“Rivalry Between Who?”: Noah Lyles Takes a Dig at the Canadian Track Team After Winning Gold at the World Relays 2024

Recently, Noah Lyles went on a unique adventure. A video of him being interviewed by NBC while skating on roller skates was released on his YouTube channel. In the interview, Lyles talks fondly of his elementary school teacher, who had him start at the very last of the track.

In the first frame of the YouTube video, he tries on his skates. Although he seldom skated, he never left an opportunity to skate, as it was his passion. Therefore, he took advantage of the interview to demonstrate his skating skills.

Jumping right into the interview, he reminisced about a wholesome moment from his school days. He recalled his memories after dancing and displaying plenty of skating techniques.

Noah Lyles remembers that before recess, the students would do a lap around the school. Additionally, Lyles had always been athletic, so he would become excited whenever this opportunity presented.

Additionally, his teacher had a good grasp on the athletic kid and would tailor assignments to test him. However, it was a task that Lyles enjoyed. He further recalls and mentions:

“In elementary school, we would have to run a lap before we go to recess, and my teacher would always force me to be the last one to start the lap. Every time she did that, it would make me excited. It would make me want to catch everybody, and I would finish the lap before everybody every time.”

Lyles enjoys competing in track and field competitions, whether during his school years or his current professional period. Additionally, he has set several goals for himself to accomplish this season.

Noah Lyles aims for multiple feats this 2024 track and field season

Before each major season, Noah Lyles has consistently set lofty goals. As a result of the Paris Olympics, nevertheless, this season is vital for every athlete. This year, Lyles plans to broaden his event participation by entering multiple categories.

He participated in the 4×400-meter relay event at the World Athletics Indoor Championships when he ran the third leg faster than any of his teammates. His self-assurance was unshaken even though Team USA came in second, despite his best efforts.

He hopes to beat Usain Bolt’s WR in the 200-meter dash by running a 19.10-second mark. The track world is aware of Lyles’ ability since he is considered a possible candidate to go for several WRs, so this is undoubtedly a significant commitment on his part.

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