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Arcane launch date: Riot Games and Netflix unveil animated TV series launching on November 6

Yuvansh Ruia

Arcane valorant netflix

Riot Games and Netflix unveiled a trailer for the Arcane animated TV series coming on November 6.

Arcane will premiere that day at 7 p.m. Pacific time. Tencent video in China and Netflix globally will broadcast it just hours after the League of Legends 2021 Worlds Final.

The show is structured into three distinct acts with three episodes per act. The first three episodes focus on the very beginnings of the two sisters (from the League of Legends video game).

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The series will launch on November 6. The second act will launch a week later on November 13, and the third act will release on November 20.

The premiere of the show will be at the centre of a global celebration. A gesture for gamers and fans of the League of Legends intellectual property.

It is Riot’s first move into a TV show. The show has been in the works for a while. Riot Games first unveiled Arcane at its 10th-anniversary celebration in 2019.

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Details about Netflix TV series Arcane.

“Players all over the world love League and its universe,” stated Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games, in a statement. “Their passion is what inspires us to create expressions of Runeterra worthy of their fandom. The launch of Arcane is the beginning of the next chapter for Riot and we can’t wait for players to see what we have in store for them across games, entertainment, and sports.”

Context to the story.

Known across the land of Runeterra because the “city of progress,” many of the foremost brilliant minds call these cities home. But the creation of hextech, how for a person to regulate magical energy, threatens that balance.

While Arcane holds the backstories of League of Legends champions, the series is meant to face on its own. A posh world crammed with moral decisions, breathtaking animation, and suspenseful storytelling.

“When we began to supply Arcane, we knew that we had something really special with the story of Jinx and Vi,” commented Christian Linke, co-creator of Arcane, during a statement. “We wanted to explore the thought of what you’d do for your family, what values you’d compromise, and therefore the conflict you’d endure.

The story, combined with the hand-painted art style and nuanced character animation we created in partnership with Fortiche, will bring players an upscale glimpse into the planet of League of Legends.”

Voice actors and what to expect?

Players will see some familiar faces in Arcane. Jinx, Vi, Jayce, and Caitlyn have been portrayed on the Silver screen.

Arcane is a study of the events that made heroes into the champions that they’re within the game. Players also will be introduced to some new faces too.

Vander and Silco, who are both citizens of Zaun and play critical roles in shaping the evolving world, have been introduced. One character is a hero in one city and a villain in another.

Vi is voice acted by Hailee Steinfeld, Caitlyn by Katie Leung, Jayce by Kevin Alejandro, Silco by Jason Spisak, Jinx by Ella Purnell, Mel by Toks Olagundoye, Vander by JB Blanc, and Viktor by Harry Lloyd.

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