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Riot Arcane Season 1: How Riot Netflix collaboration ushered a new era of quality Anime?

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Riot Arcane season 1 on NetFlix ended a couple of days ago. Yet it leaves behind an insatiable hunger for more.

Arcane, the flix from Riot Games, has been the talk of the town for a while now. As the trailers hit social media, everyone knew that Riotx Arcane is gonna set a new standard.

The attention to detail and thoughtful art design mesmerizes most critical viewers. The character sketches as well as storyline evolution is brilliant.

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Hence, what standards has Arcane set? For all we know, this changes the animation industry for years to come.

What does it mean for the Animation industry and RiotxNetflix?

Japan is the house of Animation Gods. New concepts and mangas role out, like movies from Bollywood very often. Sometimes, few of them impress more than others.

Arcane breaks those boundaries. It does not just impress, but also delves through all human emotions smoothly. That is a rare memory for anything since “Kimi no Nawa” or Your Name.

Pascal Charrue and Arnaud Delord have developed a masterpiece. The style of artwork and the rigorous method needed to achieve it has ravished everyone it seems.

It is stunning to see the level of thoughtfulness that went into the project. Kudos to all voice actors involved.

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Which characters to look out for specifically in the next season?

Jinx will be the one that the entire Piltover will be hunting for. But, that is if Piltover recovers from the current disaster.

Caitlyn, Ekko, Jayce and Medarda will all be looking for revenge. But, the path to vengeance always consumes the conscience.

Jinx is a living testament to that in the series. There is a fine line between dreams and fantasy. Keep your eyes peeled for engrossing combat sequences.

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The wildcards: characters that change the entire course of the story in Arcane Season 1.

Few characters have played a profound role in shaping the story. But none have done more than these three:

  • DR SINGED: For all we know, he might be the ultimate mastermind, who cloud be puppet master. He created Silco or at least, revived him(there is s high possibility). He is the one who turned Victor towards Shimmer. Singed was once a member of the Piltover scientific society. He took leave on being roadblocked by Heimerdinger.
  • SILCO: Rebel turned Crime lord. The victim of deceit now serves justice in his way to the world. His dream of Nation of Zaun remains a pipe dream. He was a brother in arms with Vander. Commendable, how he played every card available to him in the best way possible. Jinx is the only thing he cares about. His death will definitely create an eternal power struggle.
  • VIKTOR: He is the reason for Hextech invention. Not Jayce, not Heimerdinger. Humble and courteous Dr Viktor was once the left hand of Heimerdinger. His constant drive for progress made Hextech Gemstone a reality. He found himself driven to eternal sorrow when he accidentally killed his assistant. He was the first among all to argue about Hextech disarmament. And now with wolves at Piltover’s doors, we might just see his complete symbiotic relationship with the Arcane Relic.

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