Roy Keane reveals the two Manchester United players he did not get along with

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|Published 25/04/2020

Roy Keane reveals the two Manchester United players he did not get along with during his 12-year spell at the Old Trafford.

Manchester United legend and former captain Roy Keane was one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s most important player. During his 12-years with the club, he lifted 7 premier league titles along with the 1999 champions league.

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As the captain of the side, he was the leader of men who dominated English football for several years. However, the midfielder has now revealed that there were two players that he wasn’t particularly fond of during his time at the club.

Roy Keane reveals the two Manchester United players he did not get along with

“I didn’t get Wayne or Rio; I didn’t get their banter or what they stood for sometimes. It was probably a personal thing,” Keane told Sky Sports’ The Football Show.

“The game was changing and I had changed with it but towards the end at United with the players coming through I didn’t always get them.

“Personality-wise they were not for me. Obviously, they were very good players and I was delighted to play with them but in terms of banter or having a cup of coffee with them? No forget it.”

Rio Ferdinand joined the club in 2002 and Wayne Rooney would complete his move a couple of years later. Both of them would go on to become important figures in the club’s future. However, despite acknowledging their brilliance as players, he revealed that he didn’t warm up to them while narrating a particular episode between him and Rooney.

“We certainly didn’t have an argument, let me tell you,” Keane explained.

“I like my rugby league and yeah, someone did change the channel and I wasn’t happy. But we didn’t have an argument about it. I came down for breakfast the next day and Wayne said ‘Did you find the control?’

“So I told him where to go. If that’s an argument, god help us.

“I certainly didn’t respect Wayne because he stood up to me and wanted to watch the X Factor.

“I had a lot of respect for Wayne because I thought he was a brilliant player.

“I wouldn’t say I warmed to the guy; I certainly didn’t dislike him. But the lad’s on a different wavelength, different banter and if hiding the control was his type of banter then…not for me.”

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