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Sacy and Pancada join Sentinels roster for VCT 2023

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Sacy and Pancada join Sentinels roster for VCT 2023

Former LOUD members Sacy and Pancada join the Sentinels superteam for VCT 2023. The roster has TenZ, Zekken, Dephh, and them.

There was a rumor going around for weeks the reigning champions were looking to transfer over to Sentinels. We even covered the rumor in an article; if you want to read it, we have attached it below. The Sentinels roster is currently all over the place, signing various coaching staff and players.

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Let us break down everything we know so far.

Sacy and Pancada join SEN: What else do we know?

Let us look at the tweet crafted by Sentinels that shocked the Valorant Community. As you can see, the Sentinels are excited to bring both Initiator and Controller players into the team, to say the least.

As predicted, the Sentinels superteam is looking in good hands with the acquisition of the Brazilian Superstars. Plus, they have resident NA magicians like Dephh, zekken, and TenZ. With TenZ being the face of Sentinels, their reputation is well then accounted for.

The team has been working behind the scenes non-stop to acquire these talents to make sure they can go back to the form the fans loved them at. They are aiming to surpass the team they were. However, the acquisition of Dephh, zekken, and now Sacy and Pancada leaves the former SEN roster puzzled.

Dapr had this to say about Sacy and Pancada joining Sentinels:

He is an unrestricted Free Agent now. Regarding ShahZam, he will not be staying with the team due to his falling out with SEN. There is no information about zombs and SicK.

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The public response to acquiring Sacy and Pancada has been positive so far, as Twitter reactions show. Some people call SEN a ‘W’ organization, while some say they are trying to assemble The Avengers. Only time will tell how good this acquisition is and if there will be problems regarding comms due to language barriers.

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Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Adnan Juzar Kachwala


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