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Seth Rollins: Universal Champion Seth Rollins Thwarts Brock Lesnar’s attempt to cash in.

Archie Blade

Seth Rollins: Universal Champion Seth Rollins Thwarts Brock Lesnar’s attempt to cash in.

Seth Rollins: Universal Champion Seth Rollins Thwarts Brock Lesnar’s attempt to cash in. The Beast Slayer walks out of Saudi Arabia with his Title intact.

Seth Rollins flew into Saudi Arabia as the WWE Universal Champion and he will leave the Desert Kingdom still the Universal Champion. The Architect walked out with a bandaged torso, selling the mauling he received at the hands of Brock Lesnar on Raw this week. His opponent for the night, Baron Corbin, took advantage of the struggling champion and dominated the majority of the match.

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However, Rollins showed great resilience. He managed to stage a comeback every time it looked like Corbin would walk away with the match. The Champion even kicked out of a Deep 6. Rollins’ determination to remain champion greatly frustrated Corbin who bought a chair inside the ring to assault the champion.

The referee stopped Corbin before he could land a hit though. Rollins took advantage of Corbin and the referee arguing to roll the Lone Wolf. 1 2 3! Seth Rollins retained his championship. Corbin, however did not take kindly to this and hit Rollins with an End of Days.

Brock Lesnar immediately walked out to cash in on a battered Rollins. Heyman, who accompanied Brock. Dropped the money in the bank briefcase as he slipped while entering the ring. Seth Rollins took advantage of the distraction and Low Blow’d the Beast. He then viciously attacked Brock and made sure that there would be no exchange of the Universal Championship on Saudi Soil.

However, Brock still has the briefcase and there is every chance that he can still cash his contract on the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston instead. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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