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“Bro Gifted Adin a House on His Wrist” – Fans React as Adin Ross Shows Off the $300000 Rolex Daytona He Received From xQc

Nilotpal Chakraborty

Adin Ross reveals the $300,000 watch gifted by xQc

Adin David Ross was seen showing off the watch Felix “xQc” Lengyel had gifted him during his recent livestream. Both Adin and xQc are among the wealthiest live streamers in the industry. The stars even shared a similar streaming platform for a long time which made them close friends. Although Adin Ross has made his jump to now, they still cherish a close connection and meet up whenever possible.

It was just a few days back that Adin Ross had collaborated with Felix in a New York livestream. Adin, his entire SSB group, and xQc attempted to spend overnight at the American Dream Mall where they tried out all its amusement rides. It was during this stream that viewers saw xQc gifting Adin Ross an exquisite luxury watch.

The watch was a Rolex White Gold Daytona “Eye of the Tiger”. The luxury piece is easily priced at $250,000 and some models could cost over $400,000. According to sources, the watch xQc had given Adin was worth around $300,000.

During Adin’s recent live stream, he was seen wearing the Rolex watch xQc had gifted him. The streamer also spent a couple of minutes showing off the watch. He further explained how grateful he was to receive a nice gift from xQcand said, “Shoutout to xQc…This is xQc’s gift to me, it’s the eye of the tiger Rolex, a beautiful gift… I really really appreciate X, I love you, bro. Meant a lot to me, I never really get gifts so that’s love. It’s a really nice piece bro.”

Fans were in awe of xQc’s gift

Fans were amazed at how close the two streamers were even though they lived far apart from each other. xQc even went an extra step as he had originally planned to buy the watch for himself but instead chose to gift it to Adin Ross.

Considering the price of the Rolex piece, the online community was shocked but happy for Adin Ross. The fact that people can literally buy an entire house for $300,000 made X user slushy comment,

“Bro gifted Adin a house on his wrist”

Twitter users were also impressed with xQc’s choice. Apart from Adin himself, his fans insisted the watch looked beautiful.

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Fans should also know that Adin took the same opportunity to give xQc his own gift. The streamer gifted xQc an Audemars Piguet watch and according to Adin, it was worth around $200,000. The Kick streamer claimed his choice of gifts for his friends were always special. According to him, the AP watch was an investment and he hoped xQc would never sell it for money. While xQc was completely lost for words, fans were amazed at how generous Adin really was.

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