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Bryce Hall Challenges Sean Strickland: Claims He Is “Mad” at the UFC Pro for Humiliating Sneako in the Ring

Nilotpal Chakraborty

BKFC Champ Vows to ‘Put an End’ to Sean Strickland in Khabib Nurmagomedov Style After His Beef With TikTok Star Bryce Hall

In an unexpected turn of events, the boxing spar between Sean Strickland and Nico “Sneako” Kenn De Ballinthazy sparked massive backlash towards the UFC champion. People expected him to go easy on Sneako since the streamer was fairly new to the sport. Likewise, Bryce Hall, a fairly experienced bare-knuckle boxer claimed he was mad at Sean’s actions in the ring and challenged the UFC pro to a professional bout.

Recently, a bunch of celebrities including content creators, sportsmen, and others were invited to the Power Slap 6 event. Sneako and Bryce Hall were among the many attendees, which included Adin David Ross, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, and Kai Carlo Cenat III. Interestingly, the moment the influencers crossed paths, Bryce expressed his thoughts about the spar and stated, “Actually seeing that sh*t made me mad. Moreover, even though the Rumble streamer defended Sean’s actions, the TikTok star was not convinced.

Initially, Bryce claimed that, as a UFC champion, Sean should have known the limits of facing a beginner. According to him, sparring was all about matching strengths and learning instead of humiliating someone. Shortly after, Bryce Hall shocked fans by challenging Sean Strickland to a bout just to show him what professional boxing felt like. Being fairly experienced in the sport, the TikTok star was more than happy to invest a ton of money and insisted that if they were to fight, the outcome would be very different.

Sean Strickland is yet to respond to Bryce Hall’s challenge

Sneako and Sean Strickland met during the Trump Rally IRL Rumble stream. At the meet, Sean challenged Sneako to a boxing match which was subsequently held at the UFC Performance Institute. However, the spar did not go the way Sneako’s fans would have wanted. Although Sean allowed Sneako to throw a lot of punches initially, the UFC champion turned ferocious during the last few seconds, leaving the streamer with a bleeding nose.

Ever since the fight, the pro-fighter has received massive backlash as people expected him to be more gentle. However, it is also important to understand that despite being a beginner, Sneako had accepted the challenge, and with boxing being a combat sport, injuries are a part of the job.

However, Bryce Hall’s challenge appeared to be more personal than professional. He had helped Sneako train, and now that Sean had not maintained limitations, he wanted to give the MMA fighter a real challenge. The TikTok star’s challenge seemed more like fulfilling a personal grudge against the MMA professional. Sean Strickland is yet to respond to the challenge but fans are certain he will take it up and face Bryce Hall head inside the ring. Fans also claimed Bryce would not stand a single real blow from the MMA champion, while others mentioned he would be KO-ed within 30 seconds of the first round.

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