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QTCinderella Makes Fun of Adin Ross, Claims He Paid for Her Streamer Awards Show

Nilotpal Chakraborty

QTCinderella mocks Adin Ross during The Streamer Awards 2024

Blaire “QTCinderella”, a renowned Twitch live streamer and YouTuber might have angered Adin David Ross’s fans by mocking him for his streak of unlucky collaborations. For a little context, QTCinderella founded The Streamer Awards in 2022. On February 17, 2024, the third annual The Streamer Awards took place at The Wiltern, Los Angeles, and was hosted by Cinderella herself and Imane “Pokimane” Anys.

This award ceremony celebrates dedicated live streamers especially in the Twitch space by presenting awards to the best under several categories. To keep selections fair and square, the nominees are selected exclusively through fan votes while the winners are determined by a combination of 70% online popular vote and 30% panelist vote.

It is important to understand that the host of an award show has the responsibility to entertain guests and keep the ceremony exciting. Blaire, while trying to do the same picked on Adin Ross and decided to make fun of his recent failed collaboration with Playboi Carti. After convincing her viewers that she had trouble financing the show, she stated, “I convinced Adin Ross that I am a rapper, I went to his house for around 10 seconds and well the entire show is paid for. Thank you, Adin, Thank You.” However, the entire statement was just meant to be complete sarcasm. 

It is no news that Adin Ross’s fan base is extremely loyal. Naturally, they felt offended by QTCinderella’s statements and were convinced that she was willingly mocking the Face of Kick. Fans used pretty strong words and pointed out how she had begged Adin to attend the show. They also called Twitch viewers to be both funny and cringe. A commenter mocked her for her age and asked Blaire to start a family and threw verbal patriarchy at Blaire.

Why did Adin Ross not attend QTCinderella’s award show?

Turns out Adin Ross was personally invited by QTCinderella to attend The Streamer Awards 2024. In a recent stream, Adin Ross was asked by the chat about attending the award ceremony. The streaming sensation opened a few message conversations between him and Blaire thereby showing that he was indeed invited. Moments later, he stated, “I don’t care, I am not going to that sh*t bro”

According to him, he deserved to have received awards way back in time and that never happened. Although he was chill about Cinderella and liked the way she had invited him, he was not going to step foot on The Streamer Awards 2024. Adin mentioned that he should have received an award three years back and that sparked a massive debate.

The online community let him know that 2024 was the ceremony’s third time and questioned how he could expect an award from three years back. People also mentioned that the nominees and winners are majorly selected by fan voting so there was no point hating on QTCinderella for not winning. A commenter pointed out how Adin was banned on Twitch and the event being a Twitch-focused one, they would have never shown him on camera. The community found several topics to mock him for his statements including him getting scammed.

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