SypherPK invites Ninja back to Fortnite: Ninja talks about Warzone and SBMM

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|Published 21/09/2020

Ninja marks his return to Fornite as he plays with streamer and Fortnite player SypherPK. 

Season 2 of Fortnite has brought in a lot of Marvel content to players. Fans can play as their favourite superheroes like Thor and Iron Man This has resulted in some very impressive gameplay. Ninja has been in the news recently after signing a multi-year deal streaming deal with Twitch.

The Epic Battle Royale moment –

This was the highlight of the stream as SypherPK and Ninja combined Thor’s hammer Mjolnir and Iron Man’s Unibeam to secure a battle royale victory. Every player knows how difficult it is to pull something off. But two of the best Fortnite players made it look very easy. He later uploaded a video clip of the moment and their reaction says it all.

Ninja Talks about Warzone –

Ninja explained why he felt a lot of streamers were switching to Warzone from Fortnite. He said in warzone, after dying the Gulag game mode allowed players another chance to get back in the game and streamers to stream longer. Ninja added that Warzone was better because of more engaging game mechanics.

Ninja feels SBMM is better –

Skill based match making is in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. With both pros and casual players leaving their opinions known against it. In the stream with SypherPk, Ninja said that he had come across many tweets and was following the whole controversy. He however had a very different opinion about SBMM.

He said, “It makes perfect sense. You can’t be good at a game, like, way better than your average gamer and then complain when you matching with people that are on your skill level.”

Although he later added, that games should have a balanced rank system and matchmaking. He would love to see games experiment and find a stable solution for their lobbies.

With Ninja back to Twitch many fans will again throng his channel and hope to see more epic battle royale moments.

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