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TGRD Trent: His meteoric rise from not even being given a tryout to being considered one of the best players in North America

Yuvansh Ruia

The Guard announced the signing of Trent “trent” Cairns on 17th February and it can be possibly one of the best roster changes a team has made in North America.

Trent “trent” Cairns is a 17-year-old Radiant player. The Guard signed him on 17th February 2022. He has recently come under the spotlight after annihilating 100 Thieves and recently XSET.

With every match he plays, it seems like he is constantly improving. In his first match in the NA VCT Main Event 2022, he dropped 37 kills across three maps playing Sova and Breach. The next match against 100 Thieves, he dropped 55 kills out-fragging Asuna, Ethan, and Hiko. In the third match against XSET, he dropped 61 kills playing Sova and Breach.

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Trent going unnoticed by organizations

A 17-year-old  is demolishing much more experienced players. Trent demolished players such as Hiko, Asuna, Ethan, and BabyJ. Many people even argue he single-handedly dismantled 100Thieves and caused them to make such sudden roster changes.

After his monster performances, organization scouts took to Twitter expressing their discontent with themselves. They expressed how they missed out on Trent. Apparently, Trent had approached many organizations asking for tryouts but was immediately shot down because of his lack of recognition.


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Appreciation from fans and players towards Trent

Trent received a great amount of respect and appreciation from fans and players all over Reddit and Twitter. Through the first two weeks of the NA VCT Main Event, he was placed in the Top 10 players.

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What do you think about this young phenomenon? Do you think he can become one of the best in North America?

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