Cloud9 vs Guard: Boys in Blue dominates over the Guard to end the Group Stage with a 5-0 finish

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published March 11, 2022

Take a look at a quick recap of one of the most exciting matchups between kings of Group A, Cloud9 vs Guard.

This was the first match being played on the new patches with the changed controllers. And boy oh boy was that a banger of a match with both teams coming fully prepared.

Both teams were leading their Group with a 4-0 win score. And this match was going to be the decider matchup to show which teams come up at the top. And here is how the match went.

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Cloud9 vs Guard

Going into this matchup, The Guard had the higher seeding. So Guard chooses Bind as the first map, with C9 choosing Ascent as second, Haven being the decider.

Map 1: Bind 

This was Guard’s pick and they justified why they picked it so dominating the map. They went 8-4 in the first half and only gave 3 rounds in the second half and won the map 13-7.

This performance was a statement from Guard, that they are not here to joke.

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Map 2: Ascent

So it turns out if it’s your map pick you end up dominating the map itself. As Cloud 9’s performance was was just too well prepared as went 9-3 in the first half and acted as if there is no such thing as the 9-3 curse as they won with a score of 13-4.

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Map 3: Haven

If the second map was dominant from Cloud 9, I don’t even know what to call map 3. I mean Cloud 9 just didn’t give any room for the Guard to work in. And they 10-2 in the first half with an insane 1v3 clutch from Xeta to close off the half.

And in addition to that Leaf was just popping off, as he went 30/7 and won 13-2.

This win just tells us one thing, Cloud 9 is the best team going into the playoffs however we have some more insane matches left to watch.

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Future for C9 and The Guard

Even though this was only a seeding match for both teams, it was an insane match to watch.

Going forward Cloud 9 will go against Knights or Rise (based on who qualifies) and The Guard will go against Sentinels/Optic Gaming. And these are going to be some crucial matches for all teams if they want to make it to Masters 1 Reykjavik.

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