Rawkus drops a bombshell of a tweet during Sentinels match against Optic gaming

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published February 26, 2022

As soon as Sentinels loses to Optic Gaming in a disappointing manner, Rawkus puts up an insane tweet with some breaking news.

Rawkus was initially a member of Faze’s Valorant roster. But they went through a disappointing era in the 2021 Valorant champions tour. With Faze losing most of their tournaments. And after the loss the final chance for them to qualify for champions, the NA Last Chance Qualifiers. Rawkus made the decision of becoming the Coach for Sentinels as they were looking for one.

Sen-Rawkus was the Coach for Sentinels through the entire Valorant Champions tournament. But we were unaware of his situation after VCT ended, but not anymore.

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Rawkus talks about his situation

Loading embed tweet https://twitter.com/Rawkus/status/1497691244830597139?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

So it turns out that Sentinels borrowed Rawkus from Faze as a coach till January 1st. And in the past month Sentinels were trying to acquire Rawkus as a full-time Coach. But it turns out they just weren’t able to get to a mutual understanding. As Rawkus said, “the past month Sentinels were in talks with FaZe looking to have me come over as a full-time coach for the team but unfortunately a deal between both parties could not be made due to buyout complications.

So for now Rawkus will go back to being a member of Faze, but not a member of their Valorant Team. And he also said why he chose to be a coach in the first place. “I’ve stated publicly that I only ever considered coaching because of the people who were involved and the environment that I was joining made it a perfect fit for me.

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What’s Next for him

For now, Rawkus will return to Faze and remain as a content creator. But now he is in the market and looking for a team. His exact statement is, “I’m currently back on FaZe but LFT as a player, Jett/Sova/Smokes/Sentinel is what I’m comfortable with but willing to flex anything, I feel I’ve only gotten better since taking a break, being able to change environments and watching them play has made me see the game in a completely new perspective and I’m extremely excited to return.

Check out his full Twitlonger where he explains his current situation.

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