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Andrew Tate Reacts With Two Words as $160,000,000 Man Ice Cube Rants About ‘NBA and Gatekeepers’ While Addressing Big3 Situation

Afnan Chougle

Andrew Tate Reacts With Two Words as $160,000,000 Man Ice Cube Rants About ‘NBA and Gatekeepers’ While Addressing Big3 Situation

It’s hard to find a person who is not familiar with the name Andrew Tate at this point. The former kickboxer has managed to remain the talking point of the internet in some way or the other always. Having risen to fame over the past two years thanks to his controversial opinions, Tate currently finds himself banned from major social media platforms. However, Andrew Tate is not banned on Twitter. He regularly uses the platform to share his thoughts and react to the things happening around the world.

Similarly, Andrew Tate recently reacted to an angry rant by Hollywood star Ice Cube. The $160 million worth actor was talking about a ‘club’ that he isn’t a part of. And also explained the situation of Big3, a 3-on-3 basketball league founded by him.

Andrew Tate reacts to recent rant by Ice Cubero

American rap legend and movie star Ice Cube recently took to Twitter to rant about the NBA and its gatekeepers. In the video posted on Twitter, Cube can be heard talking about how he’s not a part of the Hollywood “Club.”

And because of that, his Big3 Basketball league isn’t getting enough attention. The Big3 league has been running since 2017 and was given major media attention.


However, that has changed as time progressed and Ice Cube feels this is solely happening because of him not being a part of the “club.” But Ice Cube did not specify which club he was talking about, claiming that people already know. He also didn’t mention any names during the rant.

Interestingly, he also promised that he will speak about things in detail on his podcast tour, which will burn some bridges. Reacting to the same, Controversial social media star Andrew Tate had a two-word reaction as he replied to the video by saying: “My G”

Calling someone ‘G’ is Tate’s way of showing respect. Thus, it is clear that the former professional kickboxer agreed with the famous actor. Why wouldn’t he? After all, Tate is not a big fan of basketball.

Tate took a shot at basketball once

Nobody can manage to offend people quite like Andrew Tate. No stranger to making controversial statements, Tate once claimed that the sport of basketball was gay.

In a clip that went viral on the internet last year, the former kickboxer said. “Basketball is bulls**t”. Upon making the statement, Tate was asked if he did not like LeBron James.

In response to this question, he doubled down on his statement and said,

“Nah, it’s gay. Basketball is gay”

While it was unclear if Andrew Tate made these statements as a joke or if he was serious, he still faced a massive backlash as a result of it.

What are your thoughts on Andrew Tate’s words? What do you guys think about Ice Cube’s rant?

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