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Dillon Danis Rejects Tristan Tate’s Public Opinion, Fires Back with Kylie Jenner Reference

Kishore R

Dillon Danis Rejects Tristan Tate's Public Opinion, Fires Back with Kylie Jenner Reference

Dillon Danis is a name synonymous with notoriety and obloquy. Despite being a jiu-jitsu master, the former Bellator fighter is known to make derogatory comments about women. Speaking of which, Tristan Tate, who also indulges in regular misogyny was recently met with disapproval from Danis to the confusion of many.

The Romanian entrepreneur had put out a tweet that read, “No BBL any woman has ever had has ever looked good ever,” essentially saying that artificial implants don’t translate to aesthetics. However, Danis upon seeing the post retweeted with a Kylie Jenner picture. Danis wrote,

“I have to disagree.” 

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Dillon Danis
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From the outside, it looks like Danis is eyeing something else, trying to instigate Andrew Tate’s young brother. Or maybe, Danis is looking for a matchup considering that his last bout against Logan Paul ended up costing him a serious amount of money.

Or maybe, he just likes objectifying women. To be fair, Tate and Danis seem like two sides of the same coin, regarding stuff like this.

Regardless, according to reports, he already has a fight signed and looks to return to the cage to take on a massive name.

Dillon Danis names Mike Perry as his next opponent

Yes, you heard it right. Dillon Danis has clapped back at Mike ‘The Platinum” Perry, urging him to take up the contract to take up the bout. Danis following his terrible boxing match with Paul is now eyeing another money fight going back and forth with UFC veteran and undefeated BKFC fighter Mike Perry.

A few days ago, Perry shared a picture of the duo together, captioned, “You’re not gonna do it Dillon Danis” on Instagram. But Danis was quick to respond, declaring that the contract was already done on his end. He also called Perry, “chicken legs”, which has nothing to do with anything but we just thought it was funny.

While the two don’t have any bad blood as of now, if they are in for a fight, they’ll have to come to terms and strike an accord with Danis agreeing to fight Perry in BKFC or Perry taking him on in an MMA bout. Until then, it’s just online banter between the two fighters.

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