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Marvel Star Frank Grillo Showers Praise on UFC’s Paulo Costa and Fitness Icon Mike O’Hearn for Unexpected Collaboration

Kevin Binoy

Marvel Star Frank Grillo Showers Praise on UFC’s Paulo Costa and Fitness Icon Mike O’Hearn for Unexpected Collaboration

Paulo Costa is known worldwide for his’ secret juice.’ Although no one knows for sure what the juice is, it is said to be the secret behind his incredible physique and fighting prowess. Recently, the UFC star was seen working out with Mike O’Hearn, who also seemed curious to know the secret behind Costa’s fitness.

A few weeks back Mike O’Hearn took to Instagram to announce an upcoming collaboration with Paulo Costa. In O’Hearn’s announcement video, he claimed that he would be training with Paulo Costa soon. He also urged his fans to try Costa’s ‘secret juice,’ if they want to get ‘jacked’ like him. Surprisingly, this collaboration got the seal of approval from none other than Frank Grillo, the Marvel actor, who commented,




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Costa’s training session with O’Hearn comes a few weeks after his loss against Robert Whittaker. However, unlike his previous losses, the fight against Whittaker was extremely close and we witnessed an evolved version of Costa. Hence, he will surely be aiming to step that up as he prepares to take on Sean Strickland next.

Sean Strickland vs Paulo Costa; a fight made possible thanks to fans

Former champion Sean Strickland and Paulo Costa have been going back and forth on social media for a while now. Moreover, their recent losses, make it appear as if they are destined to face each other.

In fact, the UFC also greenlit the fight and sent the contracts out, but Strickland ended up rejecting them. He later revealed that the rejection was in order since the UFC was not paying him enough.

This garnered a lot of attention in the media, and the UFC was asked to increase the pay as most wanted to see Costa take on Strickland. Although protests like these haven’t typically worked in the past, the promotion surprisingly obliged and Costa vs Strickland is set for the co-main event at UFC 302.

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