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Mike Perry Refuses Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Match on Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Card Over Subpar Payout

Kevin Binoy

Mike Perry Refuses Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Match on Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Card Over Subpar Payout

Streaming giant Netflix’s foray into boxing action begins with Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson later this year. That said, at this point in time, the rest of the card is being put together. BKFC icon Mike Perry was one such fighter approached to be on the fight card. Unfortunately, he turned down the fight due to a major reason.

Platinum’ recently joined Ariel Helwani on the ‘MMA Hour’. During their interview, the two men Perry’s next fight. The former UFC champion joined BKFC in 2022 after parting ways with the UFC and has since been extremely successful. But he has revealed that despite the world’s eyes on the event, he turned down an opportunity to be on the same card as Jake Paul and Mike Tyson.

“So there was some things on the table with that. The pay was not incredible. Especially considering the opponent, a very experienced boxer. Obviously, I was like Oh I am interested to be on the Mike Tyson Netflix card. To get that exposure against this certified you know professional boxer. But the money, there was another option that had more money it possibly opens more doors. There were some incentives involved that I was like you know, this would be more interesting.”

Oh, and he wasn’t kidding about fighting an experienced boxer. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr was supposed to be his opponent for the night.

Good for Perry though. The man has had his face blown to bits fighting bare-knuckle in BFKC. So of course, if he put a certain value on himself, he shouldn’t settle for anything less. But this begs the question- how much does he normally make in his BKFC fights?

How much does Mike Perry make in his BKFC fights?

Perry has had a successful career so far as a bare-knuckle fighter. He is currently 5-0 with wins over the likes of Michael ‘Venom’ Page, Luke Rockhold, and more. In his most recent outing against Thiago Alves, Perry earned an impressive $600,000. But if that surprises you, wait till you hear what he made against Eddie Alvarez.


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Perry is said to have earned a whopping $1.1 million. Yes, that’s almost twice as much. For the uninitiated, your profile and pay structure depend a lot on who you are fighting. Alvarez is a legend of MMA, so he brought more eyes to the game. Hence, the raise in pay.

So if Perry were to fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., the money better be worth it.

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