Cloud 9 Blue destroys XSET in the NA LCQ Lower Bracket

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published 30/10/2021

Cloud 9 Blue, defeats XSET in the lower bracket in a 2-0 fashion and reserves their seat in the NA LCQ Lower Finals against 100 Thieves.

The last 4 teams left on the NA LCQ, and the fight for the final spot in Valorant Champions is tougher than before. Which team will go against Rise in the LCQ Grand finals? This fight starts with the first matchup between Cloud 9 and XSET.

Both teams have been popping off in this tournament and it is important to both teams to perform in this Qualifier. However, in this matchup Cloud 9 was the fan favourite. But at the same time, everyone wants to see the underdogs perform.

XSET had the higher seed for this Bo3, so they selected Bind as the first map, with C9 picking Ascent as the second. Haven was decided as the third.

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Cloud 9 Blue Vs XSET, Map 1: Bind

Cloud9 last played Bind in the NA Challengers Stage 3 against Sentinals. And since then, they are hovering over Bind, from the beginning of LCQ.

But this is the first time they played this map though in this qualifier. Keeping this in mind, C9 was fully prepared. Their utility usage combed with Leaf’s crispy was enough for them to win the map.

Cloud9 won the first map with a score of 13-7.

Cloud9 Vs XSET, Map 2: Ascent

This was such a back and forth match where both teams put their best step forward. Xset gave an outstanding performance. But, ended up choking in the Overtime, which led to a 12-14 loss to XSET.

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The MPV for this best of 3 was Leaf, with an ACS(Average Combat Score) of 284 and a K/D of 1.20.

With this outstanding performance from Cloud 9 Blue, they qualify for the NA LCQ Lower Finals against 100 Thieves. Cloud 9 looks ahead right now, and if they win against 100 Thieves today they qualify for the NA LCQ Grand Finals.

Even though XSET is sent home after this loss, they showed a dominant performance in the tournament. Undoubtedly, they have a lot of capacity, which we will get to see in next years VCT.

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