Valorant NA Playoffs: Teams, Schedule and When & Where the matches live

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published 14/03/2022

With the NA VCT Stage 1 Group Stage coming to an end. Let’s take a look at the Teams, Schedule, and When & Where the matches are live for Valorant NA Playoffs.

Stage 1 for North American VCT has been stressful to watch, as all matches seem unpredictable. We got to see some insane plays from new teams and some bad performances from old ones.

But with the NA Group Stage coming to and after 5 weeks of insane matches, we get to dive into the playoffs and see which teams make it off to Masters.

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Teams for Valorant NA Playoffs

Out of the 12 teams which went into the group stage, 8 teams came out standing for the playoffs which are:

  • Cloud 9 Blue
  • Version 1
  • Guard
  • OpTic Gaming
  • Sentinels
  • Luminosity Gaming
  • Knights
  • XSET

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17th March 2022

Match 1: Cloud 9 vs Knights 1:00 PM PST

Match 2: OpTic Gaming vs XSET 4:00 PM PST

18th March 2022

Match 1: Luminosity Gaming vs Version 1:00 PM PST

Match 2: Sentinels vs Guard 4:00 PM PST

19th March 2022

Match 1: TBD vs TBD

Match 2: TBD vs TBD

20th March 2022

Match 1: TBD vs TBD

Match 2: TBD vs TBD

24th March 2022

Match 1: TBD vs TBD

Match 2: TBD vs TBD

25th March 2022

Match 1: TBD vs TBD

Match 2: TBD vs TBD

26th March 2022

Lower Finals: TBD vs TBD

27th March 2022

Grand Finals: TBD vs TBD

Timings for regions

Eu Region 

  • Match 1: 9:00 PM CET
  • Match 2: 12 AM CET

SEA Region

  • Match 1: 1:30 AM IST
  • Match 2: 4:30 AM IST

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Where to watch the playoffs live

All the matches will be streamed live on the official Valorant channels. You have the option to either watch it on the Valorant’s youtube channel or the Valorant’s Twitch channel.

Apart from the official steams, we might also be able to watch some big-names watch parting such as KyedaeTarikShroud, and more.

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