Cloud9 Blue gets the better of 100 thieves in the NA LCQ Lower finals

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published 31/10/2021

Cloud9 Blue, the team which is always underrated dominates over 100 thieves in the Lower Finals. And secures their spot against Rise for the LCQ Grand Finals.

Valorant NA LCQ, the last chance qualifiers for NA teams to make it into Valorant Champions yielded some unexpected results. Starting with Rise Nation dominating the whole tournament and going into LCQ Finals. And now 100 Thieves losing to Cloud 9 in the Lower finals.

Going into the NA LCQ, 100 Thieves were the favourites and everyone assumed that they would just 2-0 everyone and qualify for champions. But lo and behold, they have been eliminated by no other than the boys in blue, Cloud9 Blue.

In this Best of 3, 100 Thieves had the higher seed, so they selected Icebox as the first map, with C9 picking Haven as the second, and Breeze being the final.

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Cloud9 Blue Vs 100 Thieves, Map 1: Icebox

100 Thieves are Icebox veterans. We saw this in their match against Gambit Esports where they clawed their way back from 11-3. Going into this match against C9, 100 thieves looked really prepared as they managed to get a good lead of 6-0 in the first half.

However, C9 was not going to make the map that easy for 100T. Cloud 9 brought the match to overtime(12-12). But 100 Thieves just had the better read in the O.T. and won the map 14-12.

Cloud 9 Vs 100 Thieves, Map 2: Haven

The first half of the map ended with a 6-6 score. But the second half was a dominant performance from C9. 100T were not able to read anything as to what C9 was doing.

C9 ended up winning the map 13-9, with C9 vanity trolling in-game, and going for a knife kill in a stressed round.

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Cloud 9 Vs 100 Thieves, Map 3: Breeze

Even though this map was 100 Thieves pic, Cloud9’s KAY/O comp was too much for 100 Thieves to handle. The combination of KAY/O and Jett’s utility shown by Cloud 9 was too perfect to be true.

Cloud9 simply rolled over 100T and won the map 13-5.  Thus, they won the series with a score of 2-1.

The MVP of the series goes to Xeppaaa, who had an ACS(Average Combat Score) of 270 and a K/D 0f 1.47.

With this result, 100 Thieve’s VALORANT season comes to a close. And thanks to this win, Cloud 9 has a chance to make it into the Valorant Champions at the end of the year.

Obviously, they can do that by defeating Rise in the NA LCQ Grand Finals. But Rise has shown nothing but impressive performance this tournament. So, the final will be interesting to watch.

Watch the NA LCQ Grand Finals Live at Valorant Official Twitch, on 31st October at 12:00 PM PST.

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