EliGe to 100T Valorant: Team Liquid CSGO pro rumoured to switch sides to 100T Valorant roster.

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|Published November 24, 2021

Elige is rumoured to join Valorant 100T squad shortly. The news comes in quite quickly, as Elige decides to shift from CSGO.

Professional players change their allegiance for games and teams. The decision primarily depends on one question: “Can I achieve something greater here?”

Every gamer who dreamt of a professional career wants a better objective. No one wants to go home empty-handed. Valorant Competitive scene is a witness to that too.

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EliGe has been considering a move to the Professional Valorant scene. Yet a few factors may affect his arrival to the new Esports title.

What is making EliGe rethink his career choices in CSGO?

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Jonathan David Jablonowski, AKA EliGe, has been playing Counter-Strike for Liquid since 2015.  No majors since his CSGO foray.

Yet he has racked up 11 trophies across various CS events. A new eSports title where he can play with a dominating team eludes him. It is a dream for many players as well as organisations, to rule like SKT once ruled the Worlds.

Lately, there are news relating to his shift to Valorant. But, there is no actual confirmation from anyone as of now, regarding his future.

As nitr0 left for 100T, Liquid found itself crippled. Stewie2k and Fallen could not see through what nitr0 had envisioned.

No CSGO majors for anyone on Team Liquid. At the current state, we cannot hope for one in near future.

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EliGe, Valorant and 100T. A possibility?

Roster shuffles are a constant part of competitive gaming. You perform, or you get left out.

Thus, if teams cannot build on their promises, players eventually leave for better pastures. This might be a possibility here.

Even though Jonathan “EliGe” Jablonowski might consider a shift to Valorant, nitr0’s return to Liquid can cause upheavals. As 100T feels indecisive, they might lose it all in one go.

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The North American gaming circuit needs to improve. Hence, a major restructure or team revamp would go a long way in any eSports title.

As a result, we eagerly await the revival of the North American era of Gaming Gods.

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