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“Comeback with Liquid closer to reality”: Nitro is rumoured to switch back to CSGO from Valorant with Team Liquid.

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nitro valorant 100t csgo roster change imminent

Valorant pro Nitro is rumoured to join back Team Liquid active CSGO roster. Nitr0’s brief run in Valorant as IGL was not satisfactory.

Nitro is one of the many players who shifted to Valorant from CSGO. Yet, his brief run did not feed his insatiable hunger for glory.

Nick Canella aka nitr0, has a short stint as IGL for the 100T Valorant squad. Current newsreels suggest that change is imminent.

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There are various factors at play here. Team Liquid, 100T, the NA gaming scene and the career choice the pro-players make.

Why is Nitr0 unhappy with his performance in Valorant?

Competition drives the players’ careers as well as the eSports economy. Players make allegiance with new organisations every day.

Yet, the pro players only join one when promised better career options. Players are also versed in what could be better career choices.

But, not all collaborations end up with positive results. The same goes for nitr0‘s Valorant run with 100T.

To date, Nick Canella and 100T have won only 2 Tier A tourneys. One of them is in VCT stage 2 in NA.

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How NA scene affects Liquid nitro to move to CSGO?

Nick “nitr0” Canella was the Captain of the Major winning CSGO liquid roster. Yet he decided to step down to try out the Valorant competitive scene.

This created a unique vacancy that Liquid could not fulfil. There was no one to fill nitr0’s shoes in the NA CSGO scene.

Eventually, Liquid lost its winning ways. Stewie2k and Fallen could not inspire the team enough, through the added responsibilities.

Richard Lewis: EliGE rumored to have considered the switch to VALORANT, presumably for 100T from ValorantCompetitive

There also have been news on EliGe playing with nitr0 and AdreN. EliGe too is an important factor that is gonna change the entire scene. He is considering a move to Valorant for 100T.

Hence, we eagerly await further news on future developments. We will provide updates soon.

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