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Gambit nAts insane 1v5 clutch to win the round

Tanmaiy Reddy

Gambit nAts

Valorant’s most patient player Gambit Nats has some of the most insane plays ever. Let’s take a look at now of his most recent clutches.

Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin is a 19-year-old valorant player for Gambit Esports. Ayaz usually prefers to play the role of a sentinel or a controller for the team. And mostly prefer the agents “Cypher” or “Viper“.

Ayaz gained a crazy amount of fame after joining the Gambit Esports Valorant roster. Gambit went on to win the Masters 3 Berlin Lan tournament. And ended up in second place in Valorant champions.

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nAt’s clutched insane 1v5 on Viper.

This clip is of nats in a 1v5 against a Jett op’er, Sova, killjoy, Reyna, and Raze with nats starting out with a Specter. However, he managed to clutch out the round, even after taking an operator bullet to the chest(in-game obviously).

This clip is just another video for his huge ledger of insane clips. I mean the fact that he shows no emotion after he wins the round is just so “nats”. We can’t think of any other person who would be so calm and composed after such an amazing play. In fact, we don’t think anyone has seen nats burst out with emoting after a clutch or a win.

What’s in the Future for Gambit nats?

Even though Gambit wasn’t able to win the biggest valorant tournament this year, it has been an amazing year for them. And we are sure nats is really really proud of his and his teammate’s performance this year.

Currently, all the players are enjoying their vacation and Christmas holidays with their families. And as soon as the holidays end, everyone will get back to their grind as Valorant champions 2022 is will start from Feb 2022.

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