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Valorant’s Plans for 2022: New VCT Format, Brand New Tournament, Improvements in Game Changers and much more

Tanmaiy Reddy

Valorant's plans for 2022 Valorant 's

With 2021 almost coming to an end let’s take a look at what Riot has in store for Valorant i.e. Valorant’s plans for 2022.

2021 has been the best year for Valorant employees and players alike. The tournament culminated with the most entertaining “VCT“, new agents, new maps and so much more.

But this is not the end and Riot has so much planned for next year as well. Starting with a new and improved VCT format, a new tournament circuit, and much more.

But before diving into the upcoming changes, let take a look at the highlights for Valorant 2022.

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Valorant ‘s Plans for 2022

Improved VCT Format

Valorant Champions Tour 2021 was a year-long event starting in January and ending on December 12th. And, this format resulted in Riot only hosting one single tournament for the whole year(excluding Game Changers).

Valorant's plans for 2022

With the new format, VCT 2022 will kick off in February and conclude in September. VCT 2022 consists of :

  • 2 Champions Series (One in Feb-March and second in May-Jun)
  • 2 Masters Lan evens (One in April and the second in July)
  • LCQ or Last Chance Qualifiers (In August)
  • Champions (Last event for VCT in September)

Riot has also opted to change the challenger format. The challenges consist of one qualifier each will lead to a league-style play between tournaments.

New Tournament Circuit

Riot is also planning to release a new pan-global tournament. Riot has not released any other details about this tournament. But Whalen Rozelle, the Vice President and Head of Esports Operations, did say, “We are inspired by one Ignition Series and we want to bring something like that back to the players”. 

The Tournament Circuit will take place in October 2022.

Game Changers 2022

Game Changers 2021 was a year-long program to create new opportunities and exposure for women seeking to participate in VALORANT eSports. And, this was a huge success for Riot as well as the players.

So, Riot wants to take a step forward by bringing more Female participation in gaming in 2022. Riot has dedicated the last two months of 2022 i.e. Nov – Dec for Game Changers. For now, Riot plans for a LAN event rather than an online one.

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Tournament Mode

Valorant's plans for 2022

Valorant Tournament Mode has leaked a long time ago. This mode is rank-specific to illustrate teams participating in the tournament in the same Ranked League.

Riot never revealed an official date for the release of this mode. But, we might be able to play this from the next update.

We will provide more news on Valorant’s plans for 2022.

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