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Valorant 3.08 Patch Notes analysis and overview: A horde of quality of life changes incoming

Tanmaiy Reddy

Valorant 3.08 Patch Notes

Valorant patch 3.08 introduces a new feature on gun skins, Persistent Report Feedback, bug fixes, and much more.

Valorant brought tidings of exciting news to players with patch 3.08. After introducing some game-altering changes, such as removing Jett rechargeable knives after right-clicking, or buffing KAY/O flashes, Riot Games took it easy this time by adding some simple but much-requested features.

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Changes in Patch 3.08

Equippable Skin Levels

Ever since the release of the Prime 2.0 collection, people have been asking for changeable skin levels. As the Prime 2.0 had the Karambit melee, the community prefers the Level 1 animation of the melee rather than its 2nd level. But after upgrading,  you could not change back.

Prime 2.0

With the addition of the current patch, people can finally have their favorite levels equipped.

Customize Level Borders or Hide Level Entirely

Starting from “Episode 3, Act 2″, Valorant added a feature where players’ account level would be visible around their player card. These account levels were based on the number of in-game hours the player has spent within Valorant.

Even though it is a good addition, the players asked for the option to remove or alter the borders according to their wishes. It is an important Quality of life fix.

Changeable Player levels

With patch 3.08 players have the option to edit their level Border or even remove them based on their wishes and desires.

Persistent Report Feedback

Everyone has had matches in which we have reported players for being AFK or cheating or sabotaging the team. But, we were never notified as to the type of action that was taken on that particular account due to our report.

With patch 3.08, we will be notified of any action on one of our reports.

Esports Feature

Coaches/Spectators are now given the ability to change players’ POV with keybinds ranging from Numeric 1- Numeric 5 keys. Key binding will be based on the number assigned to each player. This will benefit the coaches as well as the players a lot in competitive matches.

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Valorant 3.08 Patch Release Time

  • North America: 19th October 12.30 Pm PT
  • Europe: 19th October 09.00 Pm GMT
  • SEA: 20th October 02.30 AM IST
  • Japan: 20th October 06.00 AM JST

Check out full patch notes here: Valorant Patch 3.08

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