Valorant Patch 3.11 Leaks: Night Market, Agent Profile, Penalties for Friendly Fire and more

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published 04/12/2021

Valorant’s next patch is just around the corner, and before we get that let’s take a look at some Valorant Patch 3.11 leaks.

Riot has always managed to keep valorant fun to play by constantly introducing new patches and updates. This month patch 3,11 was delayed as Riot developers took their deserved winter break. So, instead of releasing on 28th November Patch 3.11 will release on the 12th December.

With Valorant Champions going on right now, Riot wants people to enjoy the event. But, as soon as the tournament ends Valorant players will be happy to know that their new patch is filled with goodies. In fact, some leaks are popping up of the upcoming update.

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Valorant 3.11 Patch Leaks

Night Market

Valorant Night Markets is a great addition to the game, in fact, they have revived huge appreciation. As thanks to the night market, people get skins based on unique to their account at a low cost. However, players don’t always get the skins they wish for, it is all based on luck.

Agent Profiles

Agent Profiles are profiles where we can save different key-binds for different agents. Specifically, if you are a player who likes to play with a different set of keybinds for each agent you are in luck.

Friendly Fire Penalty

With the new patch, riot introduces us to a new Friendly Fire Penalty. The Penalty will most probably result in a reduced R.R.(Rank Rating) at the end of a competitive match, however, the exact penalty is not officially out.

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Progression Rework

The progression and XP gain seem to be getting a rework. However, the information regarding the rework is limited. In fact, Riot may even decide not to release this rework with the new patch.

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