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“Valorant, Please add Retake game mode”: Valorant streamer WestJett wants Riot Games to add CSGO like game mode

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Valorant Retake mode has been one of the many suggestions from millions of casual and professional gamers alike to add a practice mode for one of played FPS titles in the gaming industry.

There is no actual PVP practice mode in Riot made FPS. Suggestions of Valorant Retake mode has been ongoing for quite some time now.

Deathmatch seems to be the only way to practice right now and it gets boring after a few 100 hours.

Valorant was released in June 2020 amidst the Covid19 pandemic and lockdowns. Owing to a unique gameplay mechanic, Valorant soon gained a massive player base within a few weeks.

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Valorant is a Gameplay mechanics composition from CSGO and Overwatch

Riot Games was flamed by gaming purists for copying concepts from Valve and Blizzard. But, no one denies the fact that it is the most accessible FPS/Skill based platform right now.

With the launch, Valorant came with a tutorial area that taught you almost nothing. Jump into chaos and learn.

Hopefully, you have a good teammate to teach you if you are a noobie. But, once you get a hang of it, the game is quite strategic.

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Valorant’s latest update is Patch 3.08

valorant agentsThe first skill one needs to develop in FPS is obviously aiming. Consequently, everything else comes as a bonus. Godly nades(abilities in Valorant) are an exception.

Westjett, a Valorant streamer, argued about the unavailability of multiple practice PvP modes. In our opinion variety is necessary to maintain a player base.

MMO games thrive due to dialogues between the gaming community and developers. Riot Games have been at the forefront trying to negotiate a middle ground with players since they first launched League of Legends a decade ago.

Valorant will definitely survive. But, can it thrive?

Patch 3.08, the latest update, brought back community demanded skin level selection. Consequently, it also brought a new set of bugs.

Game balancing is going to help Riot in the long run. As a result, it could be argued that Valorants player base will steadily reduce. A good example is PUBG.

Maps are a necessity, balancing the game is a duty, but thoughtfulness to improve the quality of life of the player base is an utmost necessity to survive in this cruel business.

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