Valorant Spectre Guide for Beginner and Intermediate Players

Adnan Juzar Kachwala
|Published 29/11/2022

The Spectre in Valorant is one of the most helpful eco weapons. Learn how to utilize it properly in this guide.

The Spectre costs 1600 Credits and is one of the most reliable weapons close range. Due to its high fire rate, people have also managed to outgun the Phantom. However, there are some tricks to using this gun that most beginners do not know. We will discuss those tricks in this article. Let us get into the top 5 tips that make the Spectre a killing machine for long and short ranges.

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5 Spectre Tips that will Change your Gameplay in Valorant

 5. Know when to Buy it

The Spectre is a sneaky weapon. It can give you a huge advantage if you are forced to buy after the first-round loss. It can surprise the opposite team, and you can bait them too. Pull out your pistol and fire a couple of shots with it; when the enemy is overconfident and peeks at you, you can take them down with a Spectre. The Spectre can also be a great alternative to a Bulldog if you do not have more credits. You can always buy Heavy Shields with the Spectre.

4. When to Spray

Due to its nature, the silencer of the Spectre is the most excellent tool. That is why lurking or sitting in tight corners will yield double kills if you are smart. Spray with this weapon only if you spot multiple enemies. If you see a single enemy, use the technique below instead.

3. Use it like a Ghost

We saw Shroud tap firing people’s heads with a Spectre, and we haven’t gone back. The Spectre’s fire rate ensures that if you aim at the head, the second bullet will also hit the head, which is a kill even if they have heavy armor. The Spectre is a two-shot headshot; aim at the head and hold down the mouse, and you will get the kill.

2. Play Ratty Angles

Making ratty plays is a part of Valorant. Ratty angles include holding down angles that no one expects you to hold. Essentially it is camping. But you must do everything possible to gain an advantage in this game. A Short in Haven is one of the best examples. The Spectre’s close-range ability combined with a duelist or a Chamber getaway can be an excellent method for racking up kills.

1. Run and Gun

All the professional players do it, all the streamers do it, and all the ranked players do it. Spectre is one of those guns which is in favor of the RNG gods of Valorant. That is why, when you see no other alternative in the engagement, just run around roughly aiming at the enemy. There is a chance that you might even get a kill and walk away. That is the power of Spectre’s mechanics.

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