Who is Herobrine in Minecraft? Solving the Mystery of the Infamous Myth in Minecraft!

Adnan Juzar Kachwala
|Published 14/03/2023

Herobrine is a myth that has been in Minecraft since the very beginning. It is an old story and has become a myth throughout the years. However, there is much deeper lore to be uncovered here. Let us take a look at everything you need to know about this character.

Who is Herobrine?

Herobrine is a myth in the game which surfaced over a decade ago. It was a creepypasta canonical story. It talked about an entity with a default Steve skin with blank white eyes. Over the years, the definition of Herobrine and what he does has changed. Some say he can make and place blocks just like players, he can also do more things.

  • Mobs are safe from him as he targets players.
  • The community says he was a dead miner who existed before the player entered the world
  • Blocks placed in various places are credited to him
  • Some people mention that he is summonable through shrines
  • Another version of this character is known to harm players with griefing, looting, and more

Let us talk about its origins.

The Origins

On August 2010, someone talked about this character for the first time. This happened when the user who encountered it was making a crafting table and saw something watching them. When they got online and posted about the player, their post got deleted and someone sent them a message saying, “stop.” People looked more into Herobrine and then they found out that it is a Swedish Player, who is the brother of Notch, a Minecraft developer. However, this was just the beginning for the character.

Developer Acknowledgement

Mojang acknowledged Herobrine’s existence during patch notes they released saying that they “Removed Herobrine” from the game. You can find those patch notes here. They have also shown him multiple times in official images. In addition, Notch talked about him at Minecon 2010 claiming that while he is a myth, he also might be real but as a joke.

He later confirmed it was a hoax.

Will he ever be Added to Minecraft?

The developer has pretty much confirmed that they do not ever plan to bring herobrine to the game so it is pretty much true. It was a good run for the character while it lasted and Mojang is always active with the community so maybe there is a slight chance.

For a detailed inspection on Herobrine check out the video below, it will give you a deeper insight.

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