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“And That’s The Bottom Line” – Drew McIntyre reacts to the recent compliment’s from Steve Austin

Yasser Ayaz
|Sun Aug 14 2022

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre recently took to social media and appreciated Stone Cold Steve Austin for his praise.

A few days back, Stone Cold sat with Bill Apter of Sportskeeda Wrestling and shared his experience watching current WWE superstars in a live event. Moreover, Steve Austin talked about the current stars and gave his honest thoughts. He also mentioned how Drew McIntyre and Sheamus met him after the main event and asked for his thoughts on the match.

Austin applauded the superstars and even made a bold statement. The veteran feels both McIntyre and Sheamus will be future WWE Hall of Famers.

While Sheamus has not replied yet, The Scottish Warrior did react to the veteran’s remarks and do so in a very unique way. McIntyre pinned his reaction through an interesting tweet.

Drew McIntyre responds to the commendation using Steve Austin’s catchphrase

Well, being applauded by a legend like Stone Cold Steve Austin is a big thing for any superstar. So, when The Scottish Warrior heard the praise, he also expressed his gratitude. McIntyre took to Twitter and made a dedicated post for The Legend. 

In a very short post, the SmackDown star conveyed how much the admiration meant to him. Drew McIntyre tagged Steve Austin and even used his vintage catchphrase to acknowledge the pleasing remarks. He wrote:

McIntyre is undoubtedly one of those few WWE superstars who has proved his worth in his second run. Not only has he risen through the ranks quickly, but he has also impressed everyone with his performances. In fact, McIntyre is currently one of the most decorated stars in the company.

Meanwhile, Austin also talked about the 2022 Money In The Bank winner, Theory. The Hall of Famer even gave a piece of advice to the current MITB briefcase holder.

‘Keep your eyes and ears open.’ Stone Cold’s words of wisdom for the next face of WWE

During the same interview, Austin was also asked about his favorite stars in the current WWE roster. The host specifically wanted to know Stone Cold’s views on Theory as he is being pushed heavily. The Texas Rattle Snake recalled the Stunner he delivered to Theory at this year’s Wrestlemania and lauded him for the talent he possesses.

However, the veteran also had a piece of advice for the current MITB briefcase holder. Steve Austin feels if Theory can keep his head straight, and his eyes and ears open, he will definitely have a great run with WWE.

Anyway, now that Austin has made a comeback to the WWE ring, a match between him and The Scottish Warrior might be something fans would love to see. But, as of now, McIntyre will be facing The Celtic Warrior in a Good Old Fashioned Irish Donnybrook Match on the 29th July episode of SmackDown Live.

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