Cesaro takes down Seth Rollins in his first singles match at Wrestlemania

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|Published 11/04/2021

Cesaro takes down Seth Rollins in his first singles match at Wrestlemania. The Swiss Cyborg and the Friday Night Savior put on a great encounter.

Cesaro has been very underrated when it comes to singles competition. For almost 5 years he has been exclusively wrestling in the tag division despite being a phenomenal athlete extremely capable of carrying a match on his shoulders. The last few months however, have done a bit to correct the wrong.

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Placed in a program with Seth Rollins, fans have salivated at the prospect of watching two of the best performers in the WWE go head to head with each other on the Grandest Stage of all. Sometimes, people get carried away and overhype a match that very few can live up to. Cesaro and Rollins are among those few.

Cesaro takes down Seth Rollins in his first singles match at Wrestlemania

Rollins and Cesaro are considered among the best wrestlers in the world due to the variety of moves they can employ inside the ring. Tonight, they proved that they are just as amazing with their story telling. There were very few flamboyant moves. Instead, they focussed on their in-ring psychology and selling.

The entire match was built around Cesaro trying to swing Rollins. Cearo started the match by attempting to grab his opponent for the swing. The Messiah managed to avoid it. He later struck with a gutwrench superplex and a bucklebomb for a two-count. Rollins followed it up with a falcon arrow for another near fall.

Rollins worked on Cesaro and it came in handy later. Cesaro launched two failed attempts at grabbing Rollins before finally swinging him. However, his arms tired out after nine revolutions. Rollins landed a corkscrew splash for another two count.

He tried to land the ripcord knee but Cesaro countered it with a neutralizer that only resulted in a two count.

Rollins hit the pedigree for yet another near fall. An increasingly desperate Rollins tried to end the match with a Stomp but Cesaro countered with an uppercut. Cesaro swung his opponent on his shoulders before unleashing the Cesaro swing.

23 revoultions and a nuetralizer later, Cesaro pinned Rollins for a victory in his first singles match at Wrestlemania.

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