Drew McIntyre names the most underrated wrestler in WWE

Archungshang Thouman
|Published 28/07/2020

Drew McIntyre names the most underrated wrestler in WWE before revealing his desire to go head to head against him.

The WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has had a storied career in the WWE. He went from being anointed by Vince McMahon himself to jobbing with 3MB before eventually getting released from the company. He worked hard and eventually made a return.

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The Scottish Psychopath charted his comeback in the promotion with a dominant run in NXT. However, he was stuck in a midcard limbo in the main roster for a while before he eventually made his way to the top by beating Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania to become the WWE Champion.

A man that was once written off, McIntyre knows a thing or two about being underrated. So when he was asked who he thought was the most underrated wrestler in the promotion, he was quick to point to a man who has received a lot of praise from his colleagues but is often overlooked by the top brass.

Drew McIntyre names the most underrated wrestler in WWE

“I assume the standard answer by now is @WWECesaro, I want that match,” McIntyre wrote in a response to who he thought was the most underrated in WWE right now.

Cesaro began his career in the WWE as a singles wrestler and won the United States Championship early on in his career. He was also the inaugural winner of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. However, the WWE failed to capitalise on the momentum he gathered and his career seemed to be falling apart with him drifting in the midcard vacuum.

He was given a new lease on life through Tag Team Wrestling where he has found a lot of success. However, he recently spoke of his desire to one day become the WWE Champion. As unlikely as an encounter for the top title between the two is, if it ever happens, it will definitely be a show stealer.

Hopefully both wrestlers get what they wish for, the talent is there. The support from the crowd is obvious (There is a Cesaro section for a reason). The only thing left for the match to take place now is faith from the higher ups.

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