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“He’s A True Professional” – Mr. Kennedy recalls vicious moonsault Kurt Angle delivered to him

Yasser Ayaz
|Tue Aug 16 2022

Former WWE Superstar Mr. Kennedy recently talked about his steel cage match against Kurt Angle at TNA Lockdown in 2010.

Although Mr. Kennedy initially shared the locker room with Kurt Angle in WWE, his best match against him was in TNA. At Impact Wrestling’s Lockdown pay-per-view in 2010, the duo faced each other in a Steel Cage Match. During the match, Mr. Kennedy, also known as Mr. Anderson in TNA, received a scary moonsault from Angle off the top of the cage.

Recently, Kennedy spoke with Chris Van Vliet and discussed his time in both wrestling promotions, Paul Heyman, and more. Moreover, he talked about his 2010 match against The Olympic Gold Medalist and the vicious spot.

Mr. Kennedy says Kurt Angle did not even touch him through the stunt

While speaking on the show, the former 2-time TNA champion made a lot of revelations regarding his 2010 pay-per-view match against Kurt Angle. Kennedy started by clarifying that Angle did not even touch him and even called him ‘a true professional’. Then, he shared an interesting conversation he had with Angle before the match. 

Originally, the match was supposed to finish in 23 minutes. But, due to some reasons, it was reduced to 13 minutes. Mr. Kennedy stated that The Olympic Gold Medalist had a chat with him, and decided to take the match to whole 23 minutes. Angle was even ready to take the heat for that.

Talking about the moonsault, the former star revealed that the management asked him not to perform the move. Again, it was Kurt Angle who decided to do it. However, Mr. Anderson claimed that Angle performed the moonsault safely like a professional. He said:

“He[Kurt Angle] didn’t touch me. He’s a true professional. There’s a lot of, kind of funny memories about the match… They did not want him doing the moonsault off the top of the cage. So he just said we’re gonna do it anyways, but don’t tell anybody about it…”

The Former WWE star also pins his thoughts on Ric Flair’s last match

During the show, Mr. Kennedy was also asked about the last match of The Nature Boy, Ric Flair. The host asked whether the 31 July Starrcast match will really be the last one of his former TNA fellow. Kennedy appeared unsure as thinks Flair keeps updating himself like a cyborg. However, he wants the match to be entertaining and wants The Nature Boy to enjoy his last match.

Mr. Kennedy had a short run with WWE between 2005 and 2009 where he won the United States Title once. He even won the 2007 Money in the Bank match only to lose it against Edge later. Despite that, Mr. Kennedy made it into the WWE history books as the first ever to lose the briefcase without even cashing it.

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