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“I actually got a REAL concussion” – Kurt Angle recalls getting concussed during his 2000 SummerSlam match

Yasser Ayaz
|Wed Aug 17 2022

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle goes down memory lane and reacts to his 2000 SummerSlam match against The Rock and Triple H.

Kurt Angle and his brush-ups with injuries aren’t something hidden from the pro wrestling world. The Olympic Gold Medalist has been juggling with neck issues even before he signed with WWE. Add more injuries from his time in TNA and WWE, he surely is a poster boy for the Don’t Try This At Home campaign. One such incident happened at the 2000 SummerSlam pay-per-view.

The Olympic Gold Medalist was facing Triple H and The Rock in a three-way bout for the WWE world heavyweight championship in the main event. During the match, Angle suffered a concussion when Triple H tried to hit him with his Pedigree on the announcer’s table. Unfortunately, the table broke before the move could be executed landing the two men in an awkward spot.

Kurt Angle hardly remembers anything from his 2000 SummerSlam Match

The Hall of Famer recently took to Twitter and discussed his famous match once again. Angle revealed that originally, he was supposed to act like he was injured during the match. But, due to the incident, he ended up getting knocked out for real and had to be rushed backstage. Kurt Angle wrote that he barely has any memory of the match. Recalling the 22 years old tragic incident, Angle posted a clip of his match and tweeted:

The Hall of Famer has often mentioned the incident and has counted that injury among his top two injuries. In one of the past episodes of his podcast, Kurt Angle also revealed that it was the other two men who called all the shots as he vaguely remembered where he was.

Meanwhile, Triple H recently mentioned the incident when he appeared on the Impaulsive Podcast of Logan Paul. The new Head of WWE Creative stated that he and Rock had no idea whether Angle will come back or not.

The Hall of Famer once named the number one injury he had in his career

While speaking on his show, where Kurt Angle talked about his 2000 SummerSlam match, he also discussed the brutal injury he suffered at the hands of Brock Lesnar in 2003. The Olympian suffered a broken neck because of a chair shot Brock delivered to him. In fact, Angle named that injury as his number one and the 2000 concussion as number two.

Talking about his 2000 SummerSlam match, Angle revealed Mr. McMahon appreciated him for stepping up even after getting injured.

Anyway, the Hall of Famer may have had his fair share of painful moments, he has surely made it to the list of WWE legends. In WWE itself Kurt Angle has held the world title more than 10 times. Though his body has endured so much that even now he is undergoing surgeries regularly.

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