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Is Boxing Legend Tyson Fury Eying a Match Against Popular YouTuber and WWE Star Logan Paul?

Yasser Ayaz

Tyson Fury Logan Paul

Latest reports suggest there’s a talk backstage in WWE that heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury wants to face Logan Paul. 

While Tyson Fury holds an outstanding undefeated record in boxing, YouTube star Logan Paul has also marched his way to the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. The 27-year-old sensation made a couple of appearances in WWE before signing a contract earlier this year. Logan’s first impression has made fans and pundits believe he might have a great future in WWE.

The YouTube star has been appreciated for his debut in-ring performance against The Miz at this year’s SummerSlam. Well, it seems that the British boxing legend also wants to go one-on-one with WWE’s newest talent.

Backstage conjecture in WWE suggests Tyson Fury wants a match against Logan Paul

According to Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, there’s a belief within WWE that boxing superstar Tyson Fury is interested to face Logan Paul. Meltzer stated how there were initial plans to build Drew McIntyre and then put him against Fury. But, looking at Drew’s current booking direction, a match between the two seems very unlikely.  

However, Meltzer believes WWE could possibly go with a Tyson Fury vs Logan Paul match as both have a history. The creative team could utilize the real-life situation between their younger brothers on screen. Though Meltzer added that considering their inexperience in the ring, WWE has to decide whether to invest in the idea or not. He stated:

“Without McIntyre, the question would be who would he face… Tyson [Fury] vs. Logan [Paul] would garner a ton of outside wrestling attention and WWE thrives on that. Within the company, the belief was Fury wants to do it, but the price would be high and the question is whether WWE believes the price is worth it.”

The Gypsy King played a key role in the main event of WWE’s recent UK event

WWE returned to the UK after 30 years with its Clash at the Castle mega event selling over 60,000 tickets. The main event saw motherland hero Drew McIntyre challenging Roman Reigns for the undisputed title. During the match, Tyson Fury made his presence felt by knocking out Austin Theory who was going to cash in his MITB briefcase. 

Nevertheless, the Gypsy King’s assistance could not help McIntyre that much as he failed to defeat The Tribal Chief. However, Fury did shake hands with Reigns after the match. The show concluded with Tyson Fury having a karaoke session with the live crowd and McIntyre. 

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