WWE Legend Ric Flair faked a heart attack in front of his daughter in his final wrestling endeavor!

Ajay Morab
|Published 26/09/2022

WWE Legend Ric Flair recently wrestled in his final WWE wrestling endeavour. The Legend faked a heart attack during the match!

On the 31st of July 2022, WWE Legend Ric Flair bid adieu to the world of professional wrestling. The WWE match took place in Nashville. Known as the dirtiest player in the game, Ric tagged up with Andrade El Idolo. The pair went on to defeat Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett.

Conrad Thompson, the podcast magnate, and also the son-in-law of the Nature Boy had promoted the event. Conrad later went on to reveal that he begged the Nature Boy not to do a fake heart attack spot. However, the nature boy went on to explain to The Post why he felt it was required to preserve the pacing to the finish as he suffered from dehydration.

Ric said that he committed the mistake of saying to someone in the match that he felt lightheaded. Ric further said that for that reason everybody jumped way too early towards finishing the match. Thus, Ric thought in his head that it was the only way to slow it down.

It should be noted that Ric stared death in the face two times. The first incident took place in the year 1975. Ric was on a plane that crashed. The pilot of the plane lost his life while Ric was left with a broken back. During the recovery phase, it was known that Flair was not thinking about death. The only thing he was worried about was what if he could not wrestle again!

WWE Legend Ric Flair faked a heart attack in front of his daughter!

The second incident took place in the year 2015. Ric faced an intestinal blockage and thus had an emergency appendectomy. Speaking about the incident Ric said that he hates hospitals and thus was determined not to be checked in. The legend said that he got out of his bed and took the needles out of his arms. He further detailed that he faced a hernia while walking out the door.

Ric faced a total of three surgeries in a matter of eleven days. The doctors nicked his bowel while performing the hernia surgery on the wrestler. Ric further detailed what the doctors had said to him. The legend was told by the doctors that it was a “one in a million” occurrence of the bowel issues flaring back up.

Coming back to the final match of the legend, Flair ended up having a few beers before the night of the match. It was known that Flair woke up before dawn and had egg whites along with some coffee. He did not eat anything else the rest of the day. It is known that this timetable of his coupled with performance anxiety left him dehydrated on the date of the match.

Speaking about the fake heart attack incident in front of his daughter, Ric said that he did that on his own and was not a a scripted part of the match. He said that it was an audible to get everybody back on the same track. Ric also added that it was the only thing that was going to keep everybody from going right to the finish.

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