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WWE veteran guesses what Vince McMahon would have done to Bayley for her recent botch on RAW

Yasser Ayaz
|Wed Aug 17 2022

While criticizing Bayley for her recent promo botch, former WWE writer Vince Russo predicts how Mr. McMahon would have reacted backstage.

Bayley is not a rookie when it comes to mic skills as she has proven herself during her last title reign in the company. The Role Model was one of the best things happening in WWE during the pandemic era. However, Bayley’s recent promo foul-up makes former WWE writer Vince Russo feel Vice McMahon would not have forgiven her.

The Role Model returned at this year’s SummerSlam, forming a new faction (Control) alongside former NXT stars Dakota Kai and Io Shirai, who now goes by the name Iyo Sky. 

During a recent episode of RAW, Bayley forgot Dakota’s name and ended up calling her Dakota Sky. Although she quickly blamed the crowd for her mispronunciation, Russo feels Mr. McMahon would not have let that pass easily.

Vince Russo slams Bayley and states Mr. McMahon would have eaten her alive

The veteran recently sat with Sportskeeda Wrestling where he reviewed the August 8, episode of RAW. Russo expressed his disappointment with the former women’s champion for forgetting her own associate’s name. The former writer claimed that if Vince McMahon was still sitting on the Gorilla Position, he would have eaten Bayley alive. He noted that the mistake was basic, and the former CEO would not have let that pass without consequences. Russo stated:

“That is one of the positives of Vince McMahon not being there. If he was there, sitting in that Gorilla position when she went through that curtain, he would have eaten her alive….”

Moreover, Russo slammed Bayley for acknowledging her mistake during that segment. He felt she should have continued without bothering about the botch.

Well, considering how possessive Mr. McMahon was regarding the names and certain words, Bayley might have been in trouble. But, since its’ Triple H backstage now, the leader of Control might get away with this mistake.

The Role Model is aiming to acquire all the Women’s Gold on RAW

Bayley and co. made their intentions clear when they confronted Bianca Belair(C) and Becky Lynch at SummerSlam. Since then, the stable has targeted the top female superstars on RAW making their presence felt. During the same episode, Bayley declared that her group will acquire all the women’s championships of RAW and make the roster better. Later, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky defeated Dana Brooke and Tamina getting one step closer to the vacant Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Nonetheless, the current booking of the faction certainly indicates their strong chances of winning the titles. Moreover, Bayley will also be inserted in the title picture soon. Who knows, Control might hold all the women’s gold on RAW in the coming months. 

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