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WWE SmackDown News: Watch The Miz attack Shane McMahon this Tuesday at SmackDown

Archie Blade

WWE SmackDown News: Watch The Miz attack Shane McMahon this Tuesday at SmackDown

WWE SmackDown News: Watch the Miz attack Shane McMahon this Tuesday at SmackDown. The A-Lister made a surprise appearance and attacked his former Tag partner from behind. 

The Miz and Shane McMahon are currently locked in an Interbrand feud. It started back at Fastlane when Shane turned on The Miz after their Tag Title loss to The Usos. Shane would go on to berate the Miz every week. He even insulted and attacked his father. The two would go on to have a violent bout at Wrestlemania. The outcome of that match saw Shane winning by the skin of his teeth.

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Since then, The Miz has moved to Raw following The Superstar Shakeup. This has kept the Superstars on different brands. However, this hasn’t stopped the two from brawling with each other week after week. The Miz attacked Shane with a steel chair on his first night at Raw. Shane appeared the next week and distracted Miz enough for Lashley to spear the A-Lister. The Prodigal son then gave him a post-match beat down.

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On this week’s Raw, The Miz attacked Shane, but Shane Low-blowed him and Hightailed out of the arena. With the new Wildcard rule in effect, Miz appeared on the following Smackdown and brawled with Shane. Interestingly ‘The Miz’ was the 5th Raw superstar tonight. Maybe that could be something they address next week. The WWE did state that unsanctioned appearances would be punished by suspensions or even firings.

The B-Team (Who were part of the Miztourage earlier) then came out to protect Shane-O-Mac but were also taken out by the Miz until Shane attacked him with a steel chair.

Both these Superstars are scheduled to face each other at Money in the Bank. It will be a steel cage match and will probably be the blow-off to their feud.

Money in the Bank will take place on Sunday, May 19, inside the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut.

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